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v2Today, builders and developers are ideally positioned to leverage websites to tell their communities’ unique stories. Video, rich media, and high resolution displays, combined with older adults’ willingness to dive into content, provide builders and developers targeting 50+ homebuyers with the tools to drive leads directly from the website.

Whether you’re an active adult, age-restricted, amenity-rich, resort, or multi-generational community, your website forms the foundation of your online presence. It’s your chance to attract buyers locally, regionally, or out of state. And it’s often the first in-depth experience prospective residents will have with your brand.

Yet making sure you are meeting your visitors’ needs, while at the same time meeting your need to drive them to conversion, can be a tricky endeavor, especially if you have multiple stakeholders involved in your website development process.

At Immersion Active, we have 20 years of experience developing websites that provide an optimal user experience. Our deep understanding of mature consumers’ needs, how they meet those needs, and how older brains work differently make our clients’ websites a strategic differentiator and competitive advantage.

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Information Architecture

Website planning begins with research and analysis using client-provided data such as current website analytics and audience demographics. We then consider who is the target audience, what information do they want, and what are the critical paths through the site. Based on this research, Immersion Active develops a detailed site map that includes annotations on critical paths for conversion.


Immersion Active’s design process builds your website design in layers, with your active participation every step on the way. We begin with wireframes, then deliver style tiles, and finally combine those into full color comps. This three step approach ensures we focus on the fonts, colors, and styles for the site and, perhaps even more importantly, on identifying each page’s goals and the allocation of real estate to meet those goals, i.e., the Conversion Geography.


Content Creation

Strong content that speaks appropriately to a 50+ homebuyer forms the heart and soul of your website. Mature consumers make purchasing decisions differently than younger consumers so writing copy that makes an emotional connection with older adults while still fulfilling the needs of all ages requires in-depth experience and a deep understanding of developmental marketing.

Content development includes all the information needed to populate your website: titles, headlines, meta data, calls to action, form fields, photos, graphics, video, and of course page copy. All copy is written following SEO guidelines and best practices, and if Immersion Active is also running your paid advertising campaign, keywords are coordinated to compliment each other to provide stronger conversion opportunities during search.

Website Development

Immersion Active’s interactive team leverages the latest technology and best practices in developing our community websites. We balance the needs of fast load times with heavy graphic and video content. We always include an easy to use content management system (CMS) so community marketers can update the site on their own to add new floor plans, community maps, available homes, and images. We’ll even provide training on the CMS when we deliver the site. We include the appropriate inquiry forms and either store that data in a database or integrate with your existing CRM. And of course, we ensure your website data is secure.

QA, Test, & Launch

Once coding is complete, the website undergoes a complete QA & testing regime to ensure the site is fully functional. After all of the content has been proofed, each form has been verified, and the client has given final approval, Immersion launches the site, registering it with the appropriate registries, directories, etc. so the search engines start to include the site in search results as quickly as possible. All websites include a 90-day warranty from the launch date.

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To learn more about Immersion Active’s Website Design services, contact us and ask for Karen Strong.

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