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The Real Reason Baby Boomers’ Leave Their Dream Retirement Home

Millions of 55+ homebuyers purchase a first retirement home and then reconsider their choice as their needs evolve and change. If we are to create vital, sustainable communities that are homes for an entire season of life, rethinking market research is critical.

October 26, 2018

5 Tips for Talking to Boomers and Seniors on Facebook

As a brand that communicates to boomers, you run a great risk of alienating your potential customers if you don’t know how to use social media in a way that aligns with their cultural sensitivities. In this post, we’ll explore a few tips that can help you, or anyone on your staff, communicate on social […]

February 25, 2016

7 Tips to Avoid a Facebook Screw Up

All of the activity on Facebook means that the channel has great marketing potential, but it means that the costs of screwing up a Facebook marketing campaign are higher, too. Here are 7 tips to help you avoid a Facebook screw up.

February 25, 2016

The Best Places to Target Female Boomers Online

This post will not be what you hoped it would be, but it will be helpful. When it comes to marketing to female boomers online, I think it’s high time that marketers give up on finding that elusive unicorn of web properties…you know, the one where older women with disposable income congregate in large numbers […]

January 27, 2016

Boomer Marketing Manifesto for 2016

As we look forward to a year positioned to be one of the most dynamic on record for boomer marketing, I have compiled a few insights into what we feel will be the biggest changes to expect in 2016. These insights will help you think about your marketing in a new way, or at least […]

January 27, 2016

The Power of Emotional Engagement in Messaging for Boomers and Seniors

Messaging is one of the trickiest aspects of boomer and senior marketing. To create effective messaging, marketers need a solid understand of the aging mind and a deeper sensitivity to how a boomer or senior will process what you put on the page. Lead with the Right, Follow with the Left In our book Dot […]

December 17, 2015

Align Your Sales and Marketing Team For 32% Growth

With 57% of lead conversion determined by lead quality and 43% by the sales process (Leads360), marketing and sales teams are intrinsically linked when it comes to influencing the overall success of their companies. Why, then, is there such opposition between these two teams? Maybe the better question is: what are we leaving on the table […]

December 7, 2015

4 Lead Quality Secrets for the Senior Market

If you are looking to increase your lead quality, you must take a serious look at your lead generation data. Don’t cut corners when it comes to these four habits of successful senior marketers. 1. Know what you are looking for in a lead The first step to understanding lead quality is to backtrack through your […]

November 18, 2015

5 Mistakes of Lead Generation with Mature Consumers

These five mistakes in lead generation with mature consumers are some of the most common among marketers. Each one costs marketers hundreds of potential leads and, consequently, thousands of dollars. Don’t get caught making one of these mistakes! 1. Brands don’t capture existing demand before they spend on lead generation. The first mistake happens simply because […]

November 12, 2015

Impact of Response Times in Sales [stats]

Responding quickly to a lead in the senior market has a greater impact than you might think. These response time statistics will shake up your thinking on just how critical a quick reply really is. Immersion Active Recommends: Develop a process around responding to web leads, with roles and responsibilities. Set up alerts and emails […]

November 5, 2015

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