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Home buyers are going to use your social media channels to judge whether your community offers the type of lifestyle they want in their next home purchase..

Yet many home builders and developers find building and maintaining a social media presence confusing and difficult. That’s why Immersion Active offers our Social Media Management Program.

The Social Media Management Program includes:
Prospective buyers expect to find your community on places like Facebook and YouTube. They expect to see photos and videos of local events and to see an engaged community among your existing residents. They don’t expect, or want, a continuation of the marketing and advertising messages they see through your paid advertising and website.


To help builders and developers optimize their social media channels, Immersion Active offers these services as part of our Social Media Management Program:

  • Meet with you and analyze your data to develop the best social media plan
  • Develop an overall strategy and editorial calendar
  • Make sure all of your channels are set up and optimized
  • Post your content on a regular basis
  • Monitor your channels and respond where appropriate
  • Analyze and identify trends within your social media content


Participating in social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but it does need to be done consistently. You need to post regularly and monitor your channels on an on-going basis. And of course, that takes time—time that might be better spent conducting tours or making sales.

Immersion Active’s award winning copywriters have an in-depth understanding of mature consumers’ core needs and how they leverage social media to meet those needs. The copywriters will develop regular posts across your social media channels and work with our creative team to select appropriate images or photographs. Of course we’ll write within any social media policies or guidelines your organization may already have in place.

Have vacation rentals or event venues you need to lease? Immersion offers a special social media management add-on for both. Ask about it when you call.


Immersion Active’s specialized team members will monitor your channel for responses and opportunities to foster engagement. For each client, we develop a set of standard FAQs and responses that you can review and approve in advance. If you have an existing social media policy, we can easily work within those guidelines.

However, the goal of social media monitoring isn’t just to watch for and respond to comments, perhaps even more importantly, social media monitoring lets you identify user trends, gather voice of the customer data, and refine your audience (an especially important benefit if you are running any paid social media advertising campaigns as well).


Once a month Immersion Active will deliver a Social Media Status report to our clients. This report usually includes an analysis of sentiment, identification of trends, optimization recommendations and voice of the customer samples. Together, we’ll review these reports and develop an action plan for on-going improvement in your social media strategy.

To learn more about Immersion Active’s Social Media Management Program, contact us and ask for Karen Strong.

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