Strategy & Consulting

Our strategy and consulting services provide customized, digital solutions to help you reach and convert your target Baby boomer and mature market audience.

From business analyses and campaign planning to online media/channel mix plans, we work with you to understand and optimize key moments in your customer life cycle and increase engagement and profitability. Our strategists and digital marketing practice experts deliver an Internet strategy that fits with your business goals and your organizational culture.

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What we can do for you:

Strategic Planning and Account Management

Immersion Active’s Account Strategists work with our digital marketing and interactive experts to create an actionable strategic plan. Once the strategy has been defined, we manage the steps to execute the plan and measure its success along the way. Our strategic planning and account management solutions are holistic and we provide a one-stop shop approach. We focus on formulating a strategic plan that improves your bottom line. Our cross-functional client teams are trained and experienced in implementing all of the processes and steps required to carry out your vision.

Digital Marketing Industry Intelligence and Analysis Tools

To improve your online performance and return on investment you need to understand what is working well and where game-changing opportunities might lie. How does your online strategy compare to your competitors in the baby boomer and mature market space? How did your last digital campaign perform against industry benchmarks? Immersion Active provides a suite of Digital Marketing Intelligence and Analysis Tools to help identify successes and opportunities.

  • Digital Marketing Assessment

  • Campaign Performance Evaluation

  • Competitive Intelligence and Analysis

  • Customer Engagement Analysis

  • Digital Marketing Channel Valuation

  • User Testing

Customer Life Cycle Management

Immersion Active’s Customer Life Cycle Management solutions help you define and optimize the steps your customers go through when considering, purchasing, using, and maintaining loyalty to your product or service. Effectively get your potential customer’s attention, teach them what you have to offer, turn them into a paying customer, and then keep them as a loyal customer whose high satisfaction results in referrals and word of mouth.

  • Customer Experience Roadmap

  • Marketing Personas

  • Buyer Persuasion Maps

  • Lead Qualification & Scoring

Strategic Partnerships

Our expertise in digital marketing and our reach within the boomer and mature market space has enabled us to create relationships with leading brands. To help you reach your goals Immersion Active will proactively recommend or evaluate potential strategic partnerships on your behalf. These partnerships can help generate demand and increase market share to supplement an online campaign.

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