Email & Marketing Automation

Immersion Active’s Email and Marketing Automation team learns how your target audience communicates, then crafts communications strategies and messaging that speak directly to the mature consumer.

Research and experience has shown that authenticity and clarity are key to engagement with the mature consumer. But what we also know is that understanding how and when they read the messages is critical to the engagement of the mature consumer.

Our segmentation, analytics and email testing is designed to learn more about these behaviors and use these insights to improve the performance of your communications.

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What we can do for you includes:

Consultation and Research

Immersion can uncover how your message and communication channels are actually perceived from the mature consumer perspective and can create a plan to build on gaps and opportunities within your communications tactics.

  • Audience Analysis and Research

  • Email and Direct Messaging Communication Strategy

  • Channel Integration Recommendations

  • Integrated Reporting Evaluation

  • Email Software Provider (ESP) Comparison and Selection

Email Marketing Strategy

Mature consumers value email, but that doesn’t mean that marketers have carte blanche to send communications that aren’t relevant to them.

Immersion Active’s Digital teams focus on crafting digital communication strategies that are relevant, valuable and specific to the channels the target consumer uses.

  • Campaign Strategy

  • List Growth and Management

  • Email Content Strategy

  • Custom Content Campaigns

Reporting & Optimization

Our teams make sure they understand the data, and what’s important about it. They believe that synthesizing performance data into insights and hypotheses they can test for clients is the most valuable aspect of reporting.

  • Email Performance and Multi-Channel Analysis

  • Email Performance Reports

  • Email Testing and Optimization Plans

Creative Services

Our teams have learned the creative palette for email and direct messaging is richer than other online channels, and has additional dimensions to consider including time, sequence, channel context, personalization and automation.

  • Email/Landing Page/Microsite Design

  • Email Content and Copywriting

Campaign Production

Immersion Active teams can develop and manage email and marketing automation campaigns.

  • Managed Campaigns

  • Email Template & Landing Page Development

  • Mobile Responsive

  • Quality Assurance

  • Email Testing Plans

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