Our Capabilities

Strategy & Consulting

Strategy and consulting services provide customized, digital solutions to help you reach and convert your target boomer and mature market audience.

From business analyses and campaign planning to online media/channel mix plans, we work with you to understand and optimize key moments in your customer lifecycle and increase engagement and profitability.

What we can do for you:

Strategic Planning and Account Management

Immersion Active’s Account Strategists work with our digital marketing and interactive experts to create an actionable strategic plan. Once the strategy has been defined, we manage the steps to execute the plan and measure its success along the way. Our strategic planning and account management solutions are holistic and we provide a one-stop shop approach. We focus on formulating a strategic plan that improves your bottom line. Our cross-functional client teams are trained and experienced in implementing all of the processes and steps required to carry out your vision.

Digital Marketing Industry Intelligence and Analysis Tools

To improve your online performance and return on investment you need to understand what is working well and where game-changing opportunities might lie. How does your online strategy compare to your competitors in the baby boomer and mature market space? How did your last digital campaign perform against industry benchmarks? Immersion Active provides a suite of Digital Marketing Intelligence and Analysis Tools to help identify successes and opportunities.

  • Digital Marketing Assessment
  • Campaign Performance Evaluation
  • Competitive Intelligence and Analysis
  • Customer Engagement Analysis
  • Digital Marketing Channel Valuation
  • User Testing

Customer Life Cycle Management

Immersion Active’s Customer Life Cycle Management solutions help you define and optimize the steps your customers go through when considering, purchasing, using, and maintaining loyalty to your product or service. Effectively get your potential customer’s attention, teach them what you have to offer, turn them into a paying customer, and then keep them as a loyal customer whose high satisfaction results in referrals and word of mouth.

  • Customer Experience Roadmap
  • Marketing Personas
  • Buyer Persuasion Maps
  • Lead Qualification & Scoring

Strategic Partnerships

Our expertise in digital marketing and our reach within the boomer and mature market space has enabled us to create relationships with leading brands. To help you reach your goals Immersion Active will proactively recommend or evaluate potential strategic partnerships on your behalf. These partnerships can help generate demand and increase market share to supplement an online campaign.

Digital Advertising & Lead Generation

Immersion Active specializes in digital advertising campaigns that reach and convert boomer, mature and senior audiences.

Our experience with this mature demographic gives your campaign a solid foundation, but then our teams really get to work creating powerful testing, optimization and management strategies to make the most of your advertising investment.

Campaign Planning & Management

Immersion Active creates digital experiences that deeply resonate with boomer, mature and senior audiences. This is what is at the heart of Immersion Active’s consistent success with our digital campaigns. We start with the consumer, not with the tools. Through our process of Meaningful Online Engagement (MOE), our team immerses itself in the heart and mind of our audience. What that means for you is that every plan we deliver to our clients for mature audiences:

  • Benefits from experience and research about the mature consumer.
  • Comprehensively addresses the user experience at each touch point in their customer journey.
  • Provides actionable media concepts and media recommendations.
  • Defines Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) prioritized by your business objectives.
  • Explains how the campaign will be managed and optimized throughout its duration.
  • Media Mix and Channel Modeling
  • Media Planning & Buying

Digital Advertising Campaigns

Our experience with the mature consumer helps you decipher what mix of digital channels, message and creative will engage your audience. We understand what channels work best online, and we have focused on understanding and developing these capabilities.

The result: a highly-focused digital marketing practice that will work to understand the unique needs of your mature audience, create multi-channel media mix scenarios and develop media plans that achieve your particular marketing and sales objectives. Our digital advertising channel capabilities include:

  • Lead Generation
  • Search Engine Marketing: SEM/PPC/SEO
  • Facebook and Social Advertising
  • Customer Life Cycle Targeting and Remarketing
  • Video & Mobile Advertising
  • Content & Email Marketing (Syndicated Content Marketing)
  • Digital Event Marketing
  • Email Advertising

Campaign Reporting & Optimization

Good beginnings are half the battle, but the largest gains in performance often come from testing and optimization post-launch.

Clients often ask “why?”

We think that the answer lies in a simple principle. Behavior is more predictive than experience.

That’s why our team is obsessive about constantly monitoring, testing and optimizing your campaign. Our Immersion Active Rapid Testing & Optimization process lets your actual campaign performance data drive improvements to profitably engage mature consumers online. We’ll design custom weekly performance reports and insights as well as a monthly scorecard. The real time oversight of your spend ensures proactive enhancements in each channel and audience engagement insights you can use in future efforts.

Email & Marketing Automation

Our Email and Marketing Automation team learns how your target audience communicates, then crafts communications strategies and messaging that speak directly to the mature consumer.

Our segmentation, analytics and email testing is designed to learn more about the behaviors of your target audience and we use these insights to improve the performance of your communications.

What we can do for you:

Consultation and Research

Immersion can uncover how your message and communication channels are actually perceived from the mature consumer perspective and can create a plan to build on gaps and opportunities within your communications tactics.

  • Audience Analysis and Research
  • Email and Direct Messaging Communication Strategy
  • Channel Integration Recommendations
  • Integrated Reporting Evaluation
  • Email Software Provider (ESP) Comparison and Selection

Email Marketing Strategy

Mature consumers value email, but that doesn’t mean that marketers have carte blanche to send communications that aren’t relevant to them.

Immersion Active’s Digital teams focus on crafting digital communication strategies that are relevant, valuable and specific to the channels the target consumer uses.

  • Campaign Strategy
  • List Growth and Management
  • Email Content Strategy
  • Custom Content Campaigns

Reporting & Optimization

Our teams make sure they understand the data, and what’s important about it. They believe that synthesizing performance data into insights and hypotheses they can test for clients is the most valuable aspect of reporting.

  • Email Performance and Multi-Channel Analysis
  • Email Performance Reports
  • Email Testing and Optimization Plans

Creative Services

Our teams have learned the creative palette for email and direct messaging is richer than other online channels, and has additional dimensions to consider including time, sequence, channel context, personalization and automation.

  • Email/Landing Page/Microsite Design
  • Email Content and Copywriting

Campaign Production

Immersion Active teams can develop and manage email and marketing automation campaigns.

  • Managed Campaigns
  • Email Template & Landing Page Development
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Quality Assurance
  • Email Testing Plans
Analytics & Optimization

Analytics and Optimization services focus on delivering better results by uncovering what’s most important to our client’s bottom line.

Every Immersion Active client team includes an Optimization Analyst whose role is to identify opportunities for improvement and create optimization/testing plans that focus on the areas with the highest potential Return On Investment (ROI).

Copywriting & Content

Copywriting and Content Development makes audience and customer insights come alive in our communications with the consumer.  

Immersion Active’s client teams continually evaluate the communications and the channels used based upon user data, analytics and voice of customer insights to keep the communications fresh and engaging.

Creative Development

Our award winning Design and Development team are experts at crafting meaningful, emotionally engaging and results-driven online experiences.

Creative isn’t just about looking pretty. Our websites, landing pages, emails, video and interactive experiences work together as part of a coherent online ecosystem guiding users towards action that produces results.

Integrated Sales & Marketing

Integrated sales and marketing services grow the number of qualified leads and sales opportunities.

It is the art and science of maintaining the customer’s permission to interact and engage them while they educate themselves through the sales funnel.


We pride ourselves on working alongside our clients’ internal marketing teams, and we are often asked to train them on the subtleties of marketing to 50+ audiences.

We offer 50+ Marketing Bootcamps, as well as more specific training on areas like copywriting and interaction design for older adults. We can also design custom programs that take a deeper dive into more specific areas.

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