Digital Advertising & Lead Generation

Immersion Active specializes in digital advertising campaigns that reach and convert boomer, mature and senior audiences. Our boomer & mature market experience combined with our award-winning digital marketing expertise consistently result in highly effective campaigns.

Our experience with this more mature demographic gives your campaign a solid foundation, but then our teams really get to work. Years of working with the mature market has generated lots of data and case studies we use internally to create powerful testing, optimization and management strategies to make the most of your advertising investment.

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What we can do for you includes:

Campaign Planning & Management

Immersion Active creates digital experiences that deeply resonate with boomer, mature and senior audiences. This is what is at the heart of Immersion Active’s consistent success with our digital campaigns. We start with the consumer, not with the tools.

Through our process of Meaningful Online Engagement (MOE), our team immerses itself in the heart and mind of our audience. What that means for you is that every plan we deliver to our clients for mature audiences:

  • Benefits from experience and research about the mature consumer.

  • Comprehensively addresses the user experience at each touch point in their customer journey.

  • Provides actionable media concepts and media recommendations.

  • Defines Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) prioritized by your business objectives.

  • Explains how the campaign will be managed and optimized throughout its duration.

  • Media Mix and Channel Modeling

  • Media Planning & Buying

Digital Advertising Campaigns

Our experience with the mature consumer helps you decipher what mix of digital channels, message and creative will engage your audience. We understand what channels work best online, and we have focused on understanding and developing these capabilities.

The result: a highly-focused digital marketing practice that will work to understand the unique needs of your mature audience, create multi-channel media mix scenarios and develop media plans that achieve your particular marketing and sales objectives. Our digital advertising channel capabilities include:

  • Lead Generation

  • Search Engine Marketing: SEM/PPC/SEO

  • Facebook and Social Advertising

  • Customer Life Cycle Targeting and Remarketing

  • Video & Mobile Advertising

  • Content & Email Marketing (Syndicated Content Marketing)

  • Digital Event Marketing

  • Email Advertising

Campaign Reporting & Optimization

Good beginnings are half the battle, but the largest gains in performance often come from testing and optimization post-launch.

Clients often ask “why?”

We think that the answer lies in a simple principle. Behavior is more predictive than experience.

That’s why our team is obsessive about constantly monitoring, testing and optimizing your campaign. Our Immersion Active Rapid Testing & Optimization process lets your actual campaign performance data drive improvements to profitably engage mature consumers online. We’ll design custom weekly performance reports and insights as well as a monthly scorecard. The real time oversight of your spend ensures proactive enhancements in each channel and audience engagement insights you can use in future efforts.

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