Copywriting & Content

Content Marketing and Development is the art of making audience and customer insights come alive in our communications with the consumer.

We carefully craft a personality and voice for your communications across channels that will connect with our client’s audience. Our client teams continually evaluate the communications and the channels used based upon user data, analytics and voice of customer insights to keep the communications fresh and engaging.

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What we can do for you includes:

Research and Analysis

Research is the basis of all of our engagements. Our teams immerse themselves in understanding the target consumer and the brand. The goal of this research is to understand the audience, what motivates them, how they buy, how they communicate and what underlying factors may influence their purchasing decision.

  • Audience Research and Analysis

  • Voice of Customer Research and Analysis

  • Content/Voice and Text Analysis

  • Consumer Persona Development

Research-Based Strategy

Our client teams of strategists and analysts base all of their recommendations on primary and secondary research about the target consumer.

  • Copy Strategy and Direction

  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • SEO/SEM Keyword Research

Content Development

Our Content Development teams immerse themselves in the every day life of the target consumer. Their goal is to use all of the research and insights to sit side by side the target consumer and create living, breathing campaigns that are based on the real, day to day lives of our clients’ audiences.

  • Digital Copywriting

  • In-Bound Content Development

  • Blog/Social Media and Community Content

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