Analytics & Optimization

Immersion Active’s Analytics and Optimization services focus on delivering better results. Every client team includes an Optimization Analyst whose role is to identify opportunities for improvement and create optimization/testing plans that focus on the areas with the highest potential Return On Investment (ROI).

Optimization Analysts dig through the numbers, the reports and the layers of marketing, Web and sales data to uncover what’s most important to our client’s bottom line. They work together with their team to make the insights that matter most clear and concise for our clients.

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What we can do for you includes:

Mature Market Optimization

Immersion Active will compare your current online experience through the lens of custom Mature Market personas and use cases to create hypotheses, test and optimize those digital experiences for the mature consumer.

  • Content Engagement and Participation

  • Media Mix Modeling

  • Audience Research and Analysis

  • Email Testing & Optimization

  • A-B Email Testing

  • Audience Acquisition Optimization

  • Campaign Analysis and Reporting

  • Marketing Automation

  • Data Analysis

  • Landing Page and Form Optimization

Call Analysis & Optimization

Content, Voice and Text Analytics provides more dimensions to the Audience Research and Analysis process by extracting and analyzing key words, phrases, concepts, sentiments and other meaningful text features from unstructured voice-of-customer data. These insights are used to recommend improvements to call scripts, decision flows, email nurture and other business to customer communications.

  • Behavior Based Persona and Use Case Development

  • Campaign Analysis and Reporting

  • Conversion Optimization

  • Marketing Automation Optimization

  • Content/Voice and Text Analysis

  • Voice of Customer Research and Analysis

  • Audience Research and Analysis

  • Data Analytics

  • Emerging Trends

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Scorecard and Dashboard Development

  • SEO/SEM Keyword Research

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