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Digital Marketing for Senior Living
Flexibility to Meet Each Community’s Unique Needs

Your Unique Story

Every senior living community has a unique story to tell. Digital marketing allows you to tell that story in the most vibrant way while tailoring the message to the specific audience you are trying to reach, whether that’s the seniors themselves, their adult children, or other caregivers.

At Immersion Active, we specialize in marketing to 50+ consumers. We were the first, and continue to be the leading, agency in the U.S. focused solely on the intersection of digital marketing and the mature consumer. Whether you are trying to sell (or rent) independent living properties; drive continuing care leads; or recruit experienced team members, Immersion has the in-depth experience to help you reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message, in the right volumes.

Areas of Focus

Independent Living

Built on our deep experience targeting 50+ homebuyers, our Independent Living lead generation and nurture solutions help communities compete with local active-adult and age-targeted single-family properties to bring younger residents to your community.

Continuing Care

Keeping your Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing census high requires a deep understanding of the family caregiver and adult child. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Home Instead Senior Care®, Immersion Active provides our clients with unmatched expertise and experience connecting to and engaging family caregivers.

Employee Recruitment

We understand that recruiting and retaining the highest quality staff is one of every community's greatest challenges. Our experience driving over 1,000,000 caregiver employment inquiries a year for clients throughout the U.S. gives us the knowledge of how to address your community's unique recruitment needs and challenges.

our services

lead generation

Digital marketing allows you to reach very specific target audiences based on your unique needs and challenges, whether that's reaching homebuyers (or renters), family caregivers, or prospective employees.

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website design

Telling your community's unique story online requires a deep understanding of how older adults use the Internet, what they expect to find, how to gain their trust, and most importantly, convert them into inquiries.

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social media monitoring

Social media, like Facebook and Instagram, is the new "back yard fence" where older adults go for referrals and advice, and where they expect conversation and interaction. Let us help you leverage this powerful online channel to build your brand and maintain its reputation.

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Lead Nurture

Over 60% of digital leads are ignored by sales teams. That's over 50% of your investment just falling on the floor. Through automation and lead nurturing, you can ensure every lead gets responded to in a timely manner and let your sales team focus on the hottest leads.

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Over 10 years ago, Immersion Active began focusing on digital marketing to 50+ consumers because we believed, as we still do, that they represent an underserved and misunderstood consumer online. By using the Internet to help mature consumers connect with ethical, trustworthy brands, we help older adults live healthier, fuller, and more meaningful lives. Senior Living plays a crucial role in helping to fulfill this goal and that's why we believe that together, we can help older adults live with authenticity, vitality, and purpose.

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