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Why Remodelers Need to Connect With Family Caregivers Recap

Back in January, I shared a number of insights into why aging-in-place remodelers need to connect with family caregivers at the International Builders Show (IBS) in Orlando, Florida. Since then, I’ve continued to see more and more headlines about older adults desires to remain in their own homes as long as possible, which often means they need to remodel a bathroom, modify the kitchen counters, or add a ramp.

If you’re a remodeler looking to provide aging-in-place services, it’s important to understand that the family caregiver, i.e., the senior’s adult child or spouse, plays a significant role in a senior purchasing decision. In fact, they are often the end decision maker and may be paying for the remodeling themselves. So, who are these purchasing influencers and how can you connect with them online?

The Family Caregiver is usually:

  • An adult daughter, age 49, who is married and still working
  • Living within 20 minutes of the person they are caring for
  • Caring for Mom whose average age is 69.4
  • Helping Mom with bathing, medication, meal preparation, and transportation
  • Providing an average of 24.4 hours of care a week
  • Providing care for years (only 30% provide care for less than 1year)

Note, that Increasing numbers of men and grandchildren are also becoming caregivers.

The opportunity for remodelers is huge:

  • 44 million caregivers will be caring for 117 million people by 2020
  • 50% of remodeling projects are paid for by family caregivers
  • 66% of adult children say they influence their parents’ purchasing decisions

How to connect:

  • Build a relationship with the caregiver before they need your services
  • Leverage the Internet and digital content to connect with caregivers who are already actively seeking information online
  • Nurture your relationships

Where to connect:

  • Claim your local directory listings
  • Optimize your organic search rankings
  • Build relationships via social media
  • Leverage paid search, social, and display advertising
  • Use email to nurture your relationships
  • Ask for referrals

You can hear my complete presentation and learn how to connect with family caregivers during each phase of their customer journey by watching this video.

Presentation attendees received this campaign planning worksheet. If you’d like to receive an electronic copy, please email me at kathi@immersionactive.com.

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