Where in the World are Immersion Active Employees?

Italy. Mackinac Island, Michigan. Hawaii. Acadia National Park. Costa Maya, Mexico.

What do these locations have in common? They are all places Immersion Active employees visited this summer as part of Immersion's unlimited paid time off policy. Yes, you heard that right, Immersion Active employees are allowed unlimited paid time off. Unlimited PTO is a benefit that allows IA team members to plan and take vacations to places that inspire us, enrich our senses, and open our eyes to the world without worrying that taking days off now will prevent us from attending life events later in the year.

Why unlimited PTO? Immersion Active recognizes that creative people need new experiences to keep their creative juices flowing. The leadership team understands that the experiences gleaned by our employees during their time away from the office will help bring a fresh perspective and shot of excitement to their work that will translate into success for our clients. Plus, they come back with smiles on their faces, which brightens our offices, and stories to tell, which makes us all happier.

How does unlimited PTO work? Just like it sounds, Immersion employees are free to take days off as needed during the course of the year. But most of all, unlimited PTO is about trust. We trust our team to manage their schedules, stick to deadlines, and meet project goals. Ultimately, flexible schedules and breaks help us put our hearts and souls into providing the best results for our clients.

Unlimited PTO is just one part of Immersion's commitment to helping employees manage their schedules in a way that prioritizes high quality work while also maintaining a work-life balance. It's a win-win for everyone that helps the Immersion team grow as people, as colleagues, and as members of the global neighborhood.

So where have Immersion employees been this summer? Short answer: Everywhere!Digital Content Writer and Strategist Michelle Kershner roamed Italy for 2 weeks. Michelle says "We had 4 adults, 4 teenagers and a pre-teen on our adventures. Together, we covered a lot of ground - from Venice to the Amalfi Coast, and some stops in between."

Don't look down! Our 2 Euro cliff-hugging public bus ride from Sorrento to Positano rewarded us with a birds-eye view of this seaside village on the Amalfi Coast.

Our Director of Interactive John Sears and family spent a week exploring New England, finishing the trip at Acadia National Park in Maine. "My family is on a quest to see all 61 national parks, but my son has decided to tackle all 419 sites in the park service system. To tick another site off his list we also spent a day exploring the Minuteman Historical Park at Lexington and Concord" John reported when he returned.

The breathtaking panorama from the peaks of Mt. Desert Island in Acadia National Park.

Lisa McElwain, our Senior Digital Media Strategist, took a Caribbean cruise to Grand Cayman Island, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. "We met (and "kissed") a stingray in Grand Cayman, toured Mayan ruins, made our own tortillas and ate a home-cooked meal with a local family in Costa Maya. It was so interesting to see how other cultures live in Costa Maya - a very family-oriented, simple lifestyle. Also, we have another week-long cruise planned for February 2020," she says.

Just off the pier in Costa Maya, Mexico, preparing to go on our excursion touring the Mayan ruins.

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist Lisa Young headed to the beach with her family in Outer Banks, North Carolina. "All in all, we had eight adults and eight kids ranging in age from 10 to just turning 2. It was both very busy and very fun!"

Beautiful view of the endless blue sky cascading into the calm and peaceful ocean in Outer Banks, NC.

Digital Media Strategist Carla VanHorn went to Mackinac Island, Michigan. "I grew up going to Northern Michigan on vacation, but I was excited to go with my husband for the first time. There are no cars allowed on the island so we rode bikes and walked everywhere. We loved taking in the beautiful scenery, fresh air, seeing all the landmarks including The Grand Hotel, and of course eating fudge!"

Round Island Lighthouse located off the shore of Mackinac Island, MI.

Senior Designer Asmae El Faize and her family flew to Hawaii for some fun in the sun. "The first day we all woke up at 3:30 a.m. local time because of the time difference," she said. "But that just gave us more opportunity to explore this beautiful part of the world."

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