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Webinar Summary: Engaging Prospective Home Buyers via Social Media Marketing

In order to engage consumers, you need to give them a sense of what it is like to be a resident of the community you are selling. Consumers also want two-way communication with builders and property developers, which cannot be accomplished through a contact form.

During the June webinar “Engaging Home Buyers through Social Media Marketing,” Immersion Active Senior Digital Media Strategist Lisa McElwain and Digital Media Strategist Carla VanHorn explained the power of social media marketing and how home builders and property developers can utilize it to meet prospective home buyers’ needs for information and communication. A few takeaways include:

Photography is everything. Pictures help users imagine themselves in a home. In addition to exterior and interior pictures of homes, other photography options to consider are aerial pictures to depict community layouts and community event pictures to showcase life in the community.

Take advantage of new features. Facebook has many new features such as 360-pictures and the ability to post a short video as a cover photo. Also, Facebook live video gets six times more engagement than regular video. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase events, amenities, and more.

Use targeted ads. Facebook and Instagram have many options to make sure companies’ ads reach the desired target, and it is not expensive. While some are as basic as targeting users based on location or those who already like a community’s page, companies can target users with unique characteristics and behaviors they have in common with current community residents using look-a-like audiences.

Optimize for mobile. Approximately 80 to 90 percent of consumers access Facebook and Instagram from a mobile device so any website or landing page companies direct prospective home buyers to should be optimized for mobile.

Don’t forget a call to action. Are consumers being asked to Like and comment on a post? Download a floor plan? Register for an open house or discovery visit? Asking consumers to perform a task asks them to engage and helps show their interests.

Pay attention to what works. Companies should post a variety of content, but most importantly, analyze posts’ performance analytics. If a post or ad is getting many likes, comments or shares, it means the post – and its message – has reached the desired target and is something in which they are engaged. And don’t forget to be responsive to users’ questions or comments.

To watch the webinar in its entirety, click here.  For help on maximizing your social media marketing to reach your desired buyer, contact Karen Strong ( today.