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Three Facebook Love Stories

It’s February, and that means love is in the air. In keeping with the loving nature of the month, we thought it would be fun to share three of our favorite Facebook campaigns that are attracting and engaging new followers with their use of Facebook as a marketing platform.

We hope these three pages help you gain a good understanding of what the Facebook platform does best. In one of our examples, we’ll talk about conveying a sense of community. In another, we’ll highlight video as a medium. There is no single recipe for Facebook success, but there is one common thread to all of these examples: they put the user first and are never afraid to test new ideas. Just like being in love, every day is a new day full of excitement. That’s what we love the most about these channels.

Humans of New York

Humans of New York started as a photography project for an unemployed bond trader and has grown into one of the most followed pages on Facebook. What we love about this page is its use of stories. Each post gives you a private glimpse into the lives of ordinary Americans through photographs and story quotes.

While Humans of New York will introduce you to humans from all walks of life, we’re particularly inspired by the portraits and stories of older adults. It’s one of the few media outlets that shows real respect for older adults and beautifully demonstrates their worth in society. By portraying each human as a unique person with unique experiences, beliefs, needs, and dreams, Humans of New York causes you to check your assumptions. As marketers, we have to learn to understand and empathize with audiences that we may or may not be a part of. Humans of New York helps us do that.

Remember For Alzheimer’s

When you take personal stories and combine them through a shared struggle, you unlock the power of community. Remember for Alzheimer’s, a community for Alzheimer’s caregivers established by Home Instead Senior Care, masterfully drives engagement by cultivating discussion around relatable topics and amplifying caregiver voices. The comments and discussions that take place on this site are what elevate this from a typical Facebook page into a real community.

What we love about this Facebook page is the community engagement. You can feel the strong sense of camaraderie when you see posts to the page from caregivers asking for advice or sharing their own helpful input, empathy and encouragement to others in their shoes. With such authentic audience engagement, the page also becomes a powerful audience research tool, giving Home Instead Senior Care greater insight into the raw emotions and real needs of their primary consumer audience. If you visit the page, fair warning: make sure you have a tissue handy.

Kung Fu Panda

While it might seem strange for us to talk about what the official page of an animated kids movie is doing on Facebook, they’ve nailed one important feature of the channel: video. Kung Fu Panda uses long and short form video to their advantage

When it comes to video, Kung Fu Panda gets it. They run video ads optimized for views, which means that their video will auto play in the timeline with the sound turned off by default as the user scrolls past. To counter this, they released a movie trailer in Facebook ads with text captions rendered into the video. This lets their story and dialog still work without sound when it appears in the Facebook newsfeed, and it requires no extra interaction from the user to enable captions. They are treating Facebook video as a critical channel and being smart about how they do it. If you have a video that is worth putting on your site, then it’s worth putting natively on Facebook, too. I suspect we’ll see more use of video like this in the future.

Have a Facebook page that you love? We’d love to hear about it. Message us on with your favorite pages.

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