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The Secret Behind the Best Digital Marketing Strategies

What if we told you that there was an approach to digital marketing that could dramatically improve your results? What if there was a method that could synthesize the vast quantities of data from across your different digital platforms to reach the right customers with the right messages?

As you may have guessed, there is. The approach is called full funnel advertising, and it’s the secret behind the best digital marketing strategies.

Of course, your next question probably is: what is full funnel advertising?

The one-sentence answer is that full funnel advertising is the practice of using data to reach target audiences with messages that are designed for where they are in the conversion funnel.

Of course, like most definitions, there’s a bit more going on here than might be readily apparent. Let’s take a look at what, exactly, full funnel advertising is – and how it can transform your digital marketing campaigns.

What Does Advertising that Is NOT Full Funnel Look Like?

To start, let’s review what full funnel advertising is not. Consider a traditional advertising method, like a print ad in a magazine. With traditional advertising, your message is set. You can’t target certain viewers of a magazine with an awareness ad, while serving a nurture ad to viewers who have already responded; everyone will see the same message, regardless of where they are in your marketing funnel.

Additionally, your ad is confined to one publication, with no access to any audience outside of that. Although you may have targeted a publication based on its popularity with your target demographic, your audience is now set, as well; you can’t grow or evolve your targeting outside of that publication’s send list.

How Full Funnel Marketing Is Different

Conversely, full funnel marketing is designed to continually optimize both your audience and your message.

Full funnel marketing campaigns take data that is spread across different platforms and channels and synthesize everything to make sure that your messages are best targeted towards potential customers. Let’s take a look at a possible marketing funnel to see how message optimization might work.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.36.29 PM

At the top of the funnel, you need to generate demand. This might be done by digital video and display ads on channels like YouTube and Facebook, targeted towards viewers who look like your current customers.

Once viewers have seen a video or display ad, they’ll move into the influence consideration stage of the funnel. At this point, you can target them with a remarketing display ad anywhere on the web, using a tool such as a Facebook campaign or a Google display network ad.

Finally, as they move into the narrow end of the funnel, you can show them different remarketing ads and use paid search campaigns to generate conversion.

All of these different efforts are synthesized from the top of the funnel to the bottom, to reach viewers with the message that’s most relevant to them.

Your Audience Evolves

Not only does your messaging evolve, though; your audience itself evolves, as well.

Using data from your digital campaigns’ performance, you’ll be able to update your audience to hone in on the viewers who are most likely to end up converting.

Using tools provided by Google and Facebook, you can generate lookalike audiences based on the demographics of customers at each stage in your funnel. This gives you access to people outside of your original audience with the ability to continuously hone in on the characteristics that make your viewers likely to convert. Unlike traditional advertising methods, audiences targeted using a full funnel approach are anything but static.

Put The Secret To Use

Ready to optimize your audience and message, or have any questions about how the full funnel approach works? Let us know! At Immersion Active, we love using the full funnel approach to help brands reach an older audience. Get in touch with us to find out how a full funnel approach to digital marketing could work for you.

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