The Life Of An Intern: Sade Reeves

My name is Sade Reeves and I am the Marketing Communications Intern at Immersion Active. Immersion Active is a digital marketing agency for the mature markets, mostly people who are over 50, and we help brands leverage digital media to effectively connect with baby boomers and seniors. From business analysis and campaign planning to online media/channel mix plans, the Immersion team works with brands to increase engagement and profitability with their customers. We are located in downtown Frederick, a really pretty small city, above a restaurant called Isabella's. Right now Immersion has 39 employees and offers numerous services, like strategy and consulting, digital advertising and lead generation, email and marketing automation, copywriting, training, and much more.

My first few days at Immersion Active were nerve-racking because it was the start of something new and I always want to make a good first impression. As I stepped out of the elevator I looked around at my surroundings and I remember thinking, "this doesn't look like a normal work office, but I love the green walls and wooden floors." It made the place feel more welcoming and less like an office environment. That same day I got all my new login info, passwords, emails, a run down of what everyone does, and tried to remember everyone's name all at the same time. It was a lot to take in but I was up for the challenge.

My first week, I was assigned a manager to report to daily. Annie and I also had monthly meetings to discuss my performance. These meetings were meant to give me constructive feedback. They were also meant to help both Annie and I stay on top of things and check in with each other to make sure I'm getting everything I need out of this internship.That is something I really like about this internship. It shows me that my supervisor cares about my experience and wants me to do well in this position. Overall, I feel like I fit into the organization pretty well. The company culture is exactly what I was looking for: casual, laid back, but tight knit, like a family. Everyone works hard but still manages to have fun and you're never expected to get super dressed up or be serious all the time. Our conference rooms are even named after popular mountains in Maryland just for fun.

Going in I had high expectations for the marketing communications position and I hoped it would give me the skills I need for a full time job in marketing by the end of the internship. I was a business marketing major in college and I chose that major because that aspect of marketing was fascinating to me. I knew that marketing was a very broad major but it taught you skills you would actually need to use in the real world.  I originally wanted to work for a startup company so I could be part of a new brand and help them grow, and I'm still open to that, but my ultimate hope is to gain business marketing skills such as social media management, networking, communication, microsoft office skills, and project management. I also want to gain an understanding of inbound marketing and analytics so I can start my own business one day.

Since starting at Immersion Active I have had the opportunity to contribute to the organization's work. I've created social media calendars for different marketing events. I've researched articles relevant to 55+ home buying, senior living, and other topics. I also did a news recap for the International Builders’ Show convention which you can find under the news and events section on our website. Of course there have been some boring parts of the internship where I didn't have much to do but that gave me the opportunity to be more proactive and find things to do to fill up my time. 

Recently my supervisor, Annie, moved away for personal reasons. It was challenging for the first couple of weeks she was gone because I felt like I didn't have anyone to really direct me and give me assignments. But that limbo period did not last long before the Immersion team came together to give me a new supervisor and sense of direction for what I want to learn next. Overall this experience has been very beneficial for me. I feel like it has given me a sense of direction when it comes to what I want to do and what I want to get out of this internship. It's also helped me to become better at time management, including showing up to work on time, meeting deadlines for assignments, making a list of the tasks I have to get done for the day, and then prioritizing. These were all skills I learned from this internship.

I am grateful for the opportunity I've had to work for Immersion Active and I think anyone actively looking for an internship in marketing should consider working for Immersion Active. There are multiple internships available and the other interns I've talked to have also had a great experience. My fellow intern, Erick Sovich, told me, “I feel like I am able to bounce around to a lot of different places and learn a lot from a lot of different people. I've gotten experiences in a hundred different things that I would never have considered. I feel like it's good to get a holistic experience and working in a small agency like this you can really get into all the different aspects of marketing and learn how everything works together. I would absolutely recommend this internship at Immersion to anyone that wants to get started in the marketing field.” Another Intern, Sidney Green, said, “I love working for Immersion Active. The team was extremely inviting and made me feel at home the second I started. I've gotten the wonderful opportunity to produce and publish work for nationally known websites, which was one of my goals coming into this internship.I would encourage any writer who is looking to gain knowledge and hands-on experience to apply. Since the company works cohesively together, you work with so many different kinds of amazing people and develop a lot of skills you never thought you would need. It was extremely eye-opening and I would do it all over again!” By the end of your internship with Immersion Active you'll have a well developed experience that will prepare you for a full time job and a well connected network with all the employees that work here. The main advice I would give to a newcomer is to make sure you know what you want to learn and gain from your experience here when you apply and come in for an interview so you can decide if that internship is a perfect match for you.

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