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Why Golf-Course Communities Really Sell

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that most buyers purchase a home in a golf community for the courses and the clubhouse, right? But what is it that makes them want those things at all? And why do they choose one community over another?

Let’s peel back the onion a little and take a little look into what motivates consumers, especially 50+ consumers, to purchase that 4-bedroom colonial on the second fairway, and more importantly, how you can leverage that insight into your marketing to sell more homes.

ThecoreneedsA Needs-Based Approach

An integral part of marketing to any consumer, but especially baby boomers and seniors, is understanding the drivers of their purchasing decisions. At Immersion Active, we apply a “needs-based approach” to our marketing campaigns to drive strong connections between our clients’ brands and their target audience.

Based on the work of Abraham Maslow and David Wolfe, we identify the core needs consumers are trying to meet when making a purchasing decision. We then craft our campaigns to show our target audience how your community meets these core needs. For golf community buyers, their new home purchase can meet many core needs:

  • Energy – The physical activity of golfing, walking the footpaths, and exercising in the community pool, all help meet a resident’s energy needs.
  • Adaptation – Golf itself inherently meets consumers’ needs to improve their skills and knowledge. It’s a challenge to continually adapt to the course, the weather, and their delivery of the swing.
  • Relationship – While golf can be a social or singular activity, we all know the clubhouse is often as important as the courses. And it’s the social aspects of that club, as it meets your residents’ relationship needs, that make the club so crucial to a community’s success.
  • Identity – The prestige associated with living in a golf-course community can be a strong motivator for many purchasers.
  • Purpose – Golf is often associated with fund raisers and giving back to the community. While you may or may not sponsor a tournament at your community, as golfers, many of your residents have probably participated in community events.

Connecting Your Community to the Core Needs

Now to the important part, how do you show a prospective buyer the connection between your community and its fulfillment of these core needs?

Try some of these digital marketing techniques to infuse the core needs throughout your marketing messages:

  • Energy: Of course, you want to highlight your golf courses and club house prominently on your website.
    • However, don’t just rely on pictures, include rich descriptions, quotes from current residents, and stories about the courses and their history.
    • Post videos of community events whenever possible.
    • Be sure to include information about other activities and clubs for non-golfers both on your site and in your social media.
    • Consider including a calendar of events on your site, but only if its active.
    • Include posts on your Facebook page asking residents to share their experiences on the course, at the pool, walking the paths.
    • On Instagram, share photos of inspiring sunsets or intrepid golfers braving the weather on Instagram.
    • Use words like active, vibrant, lively or dynamic in your ad copy.
  • Adaptation: Tap into the golfer’s continuous drive to improve their game.
    • Use language that talks about that need for perfection on both your website and in your social media posts.
    • Share exceptional scores or games on Facebook or snapshots on Instagram (ask your residents to submit or share their own candid shots).
    • Highlight any Pros or coaching services offered through the club.
    • Consider a video tour of some of the more challenging aspects of the course.
    • Post videos of other educational classes or clubs within the community.
    • Use words like refine, fine-tune, expand and perfect in your advertising.
  • Relationship: Use your golf course and clubhouse to differentiate your community’s social opportunities.
    • Instead of using photos of an empty clubhouse to highlight the amenities, capture images and videos of residents socializing in the clubhouse.
    • Use your Facebook page to invite current residents (or the public if your club is open) to events at the community. Prospective buyers will see these as future opportunities to socialize.
    • Leverage your social media channels to build a sense of community with your current residents. Ask questions, respond to comments, and encourage sharing photos and ideas. Seeing an engaged social community demonstrates the strong relationships that exist between residents and the community.
    • Highlight opportunities in the surrounding area to make spiritual and community relationships.
    • On your website and in your social media, show families enjoying the community.
    • Use words like connect, gather, share and join in your marketing messages.
  • Identity: For consumers seeking to impress their friends and family, the amenities and prestige of living in a golf community can help fulfill these consumers’ identify need. However, older consumers often have more inwardly focused identity needs as well, seeking validation and a sense of inner fulfillment. You can connect with both types of consumers, if done correctly.
    • Of course, take advantage of photos, videos, and rich text descriptions to highlight your amenities, the courses, and the beauty of your community.
    • Show pictures of couples taking advantage of those features.
    • At the same time, try some solitary shots, on both your website and Instagram page, of 50+ residents that convey a sense of satisfaction, peace, and fulfillment.
    • Include quotes or videos on Facebook and your website from residents who have found fulfillment or who feel like they have achieved their goals in life.
    • Use words like resort-like, luxury, and high-end in your messaging.
  • Purpose: If you aren’t already doing so, consider how you can provide opportunities within your community for residents to give back or leave a legacy.
    • If you allow fund-raisers or other non-profit events within your community, take full advantage of these events.
      • Promote them in advance on Facebook and your website.
      • Share post event photos and video on Facebook, the website, Instagram, and YouTube.
      • Try for some offline coverage as well through your local newspaper, radio, and television channels.
    • If your residents participate in giving back activities, highlight their stories through posts, videos, and photos.
    • On your website, provide a list of area non-profits and organizations residents can take advantage of.
    • Sponsor events yourselves.
    • Consider other ways for residents to leave a legacy through donations of money or time either within the community or surrounding area, or both, and solicit participation both via social media and your site.
    • Use words like meaningful, significant, and worth-while in your marketing.

Understanding the underlying motivations driving mature consumers’ purchasing behavior is key to marketing any community, however, it offers even greater opportunities for those marketing golf communities to 50+ consumers because these communities, by their very nature, provide deeper, more engaging ways to connect to your target audience’s core needs.

Want to learn more about connecting with 50+ home buyers? Call Karen at 240-651-5204 or email her at Karen@ImmersionActive.com.

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