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Ready. Set. Click

Reading Chamber of Commerce presents “Ready. Set. Click.”

Whether you’re a marketing professional or small business owner looking for new ways to market your company, we’ve got you covered at this year’s Marketing Summit. Through interactive workshops with area experts, you’ll learn about online engagement and digital trends, including SEO, social media, QR Codes, mobile marketing and email marketing.

Immersion Active’s, David Weigelt will give the keynote presentation entitled: “Finding Your MOE”:

With over one trillion pages of content online and a proliferation of new devices to access that content, successful online marketing requires “MOE” — Meaningful Online Engagement. Come hear how one agency’s decision to focus on the consumer transformed their work and, ultimately, their business. As the leading authority on engaging boomers and seniors online, David and his team have developed an approach to connecting with people of any age on a deeper and more meaningful level. This presentation will share an entertaining historical perspective on why we need to change the way we think about marketing to the masses; an illustration of how human behavior is the most important class you were never offered in college; and proof on how consumer insight, combined with analytics, drive true marketing performance. Delivered to audiences in Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, the UK and the Netherlands, David’s presentation and approach to marketing has been described as “eye opening” and “transformative.”