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Penn National Campaign Case Study: The Call-to-Action “Aha!”

Overview and Campaign Goals

Penn National campaign case studyPenn National is an active retirement community in southern Pennsylvania, known for its beautiful hiking trails and picturesque golf courses. While the community had been named one of America’s top 50 retirement destinations by Where to Retire Magazine, they were facing an immediate need to generate qualified leads to buy home sites and build homes within their community.

Secondarily there was a desire to raise brand awareness about the Penn National Community and what its differentiators are—inspired living, location, affordability. Ultimately, we wanted to drive these users, who were becoming aware or considering inquiring, down the conversion funnel.

The Campaign Strategy

Immersion Active recommended a paid search and social campaign in order to address Penn National’s primary lead generation and secondary awareness goals.

Facebook is an effective channel to raise brand awareness with users that are in the higher end of the funnel. Facebook also offers the capabilities to target people with particular interests, in particular locations and with specific messages that will drive action and may ultimately convert.

Paid search is used to find people that are lower in the funnel and actively in the search process, therefore more likely to convert.

Immersion recommended ad campaigns on both channels, using dedicated landing pages to generate leads and avoid introducing distractions. When pushing users to a page on a website, let’s say, there is a much higher likelihood that the user can become distracted and abandon the conversion process by taking other actions or consuming other content. Landing pages, on the other hand, present a much more focused and goal-oriented experience, which increases conversion rates.

Our landing page content and imagery sought to tell the story that from scenic hiking trails, to fishing, to the beautiful views of the golf course, the community is more than just retired living – it’s inspired living. And, that it’s affordable (no tax on retirement income) and a prime location (live well, stay close to family and friends).

Penn National’s landing page purposely displays the inquiry form above the fold to drive the conversion immediately upon landing on the page. This form also scrolls with the user to keep the inquiry top of mind no matter where he or she is consuming content on the page.

We aligned our ad messaging with particular audience interests on Facebook, and with what keywords users were searching on Google and Bing. We were able to geo-target users on both channels in specific markets where Penn National has had their highest rate of previous sales. Targeting capabilities like these allowed us to navigate these online channels to find the right types of people where we wanted to reach them in the funnel.

The Call-to-Action Aha Moment

When the campaign initially launched, the main call-to-action was encouraging users to contact Penn National to schedule a day tour. The thinking was that once visitors come on site, the Penn National sales team could personally show all that the community has to offer, as well as begin the hands on nurture and sales process.

Within a week into the campaign, conversions were almost non-existent.

A lead’s feedback proved insightful: she and her husband were strongly considering Penn National but were unable to make it up to the community for a day tour. They were both still working, lived a few hours away and just didn’t have the time! They just wanted some more information.

That’s when the aha moment occurred.

We needed to soften our call-to-action. We encouraged users to learn more about Penn National by downloading a free brochure. Here, there are no commitments, and upon clicking the button, they are benefitting immediately and getting more information to assist them in their decision-making process.

The impact on campaign performance —very positive!—was immediate. Conversions instantly jumped, we saw very impressive conversion rates and our cost-per-leads plummeted. To top it off, ongoing Penn National feedback is that both the quality and quantity of leads continues to exceed what they were hoping for. Comments and engagement on Facebook proves that their story is being told, heard and shared, and awareness is increasing. The paid search campaign is effectively reaching the target audience, efficiently using campaign budget, and achieving an excellent cost per inquiry.

What We Learned

This campaign reaffirmed the power of integrating your content and targeting from the start of a campaign through its duration. By aligning our messaging and audiences across platforms, we were able to show users content that would resonate with them and drive them to click through. Aligning campaign goals on the landing page is key, too: here, it was to drive the conversion first but to share the story, too.

Lastly, this campaign demonstrated the impact that a call-to-action can have on conversion rates. By softening our CTA, we turned the action from something the user had to do into something the user could obtain value from during their decision-making process. Sometimes even the smallest changes can have the biggest impact!

Want to learn more about this campaign, or find out what your own campaign could look like? At Immersion Active, we’re proud of the decades of experience we have as senior marketers, and we know that each campaign brings new insights. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

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