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Are Marketers Missing the Boat on Mature Singles?

A new study by the Packaged Facts division of states that more of a focus needs to be placed on mature (aged 40-plus) singles over the 18- to 24-year-old group. In fact, half of all US households are headed by unmarried adults and 43 percent of singles are 45 or older. Generally, these consumers have large disposable incomes to spend on a wide variety of entertainment activities. (And nearly 73 are online!)

I thought the most interesting conclusion stemmed from this quote from Ries & Ries principle Laura Reis: “Many marketing plans are still being developed by 50-plus, married men who have a stereotypical view of singles as lonely people desperate to get married.” But in reality, today’s mature singles view their relationship status as a positive choice, rather than a temporary or negative situation. Marketing messages that shed a positive light on being single will be most effective.