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The Secret to Supercharging Your Marketing to Older Consumers: PART 1

What I am about to tell you is not so much the secret to marketing to older consumers as it is a huge opportunity.

It’s a timeless struggle—some liken it to the eternal battle between good and evil, light versus dark, Jedi versus Sith, beer versus wine…well, you get the picture.

I’m talking about marketing versus sales.

In many organizations, the marketing team views “sales” as a dirty word, painting an age-old visage of a snake-oil salesman. They think sales lacks vision, only caring about the next sale, instead of about the big picture.

And on the sales side, there can be a sense of disrespect due to a lack of understanding and/or appreciation of what marketing accomplishes for an organization. They think marketing is “squishy,” unquantifiable, and too forward-looking.

Luckily, the expectation for the marketing/sales relationships is rapidly changing.

The stars align when marketing and sales are aligned

About 57% of lead conversion is determined by lead quality, and 43% by sales process.1

And according to Aberdeen Group, companies with poor marketing and sales alignment saw a 7 percent decrease in annual revenue. But companies with good alignment saw an average of 32% annual revenue growth.2

When a marketing team is able to meaningfully measure their efforts by 1) tracking through to the sale, and 2) analyzing qualitative feedback from the sales team, the ways in which they can impact a company are numerous.

This marketing and sales alignment enables them to:

  • Further understand personas (or discover new ones)
  • Understand which media tactics convert the best
  • Optimize media spend
  • Refine marketing messaging for different channels
  • Reflect up-to-the-minute data
  • Deliver loyalty and retention communications to the appropriate customers
  • Create a consistent brand experience through the sale and beyond

Enabling an integrated customer experience when marketing to older consumers

It’s at this point that the work for both teams becomes truly exciting, because enabling the marketing and sales teams to work together is the first necessary step toward creating meaningful journeys that take a prospect from initial awareness to becoming a loyal customer.

And nowhere is the need for a tightly integrated customer experience more necessary than with companies who are marketing to older consumers.

[Read Part 2 in this series to learn why an integrated customer experience is so important for older adults].

1 December 2008 study, Leads360 (Velocify)
2 Introduction to Integrated Marketing: Sales and Marketing Alignment, 2014, ActOn Software