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Is the Internet Like a Blender to Boomers?

In a recent iMedia Connection article titled “Give boomers what they want,” Michael Leis compares baby boomers’ view of computers and the Internet to household appliances. As boomers grew up, he says, appliances became more technologically advanced, but few grew beyond original functionality. Since computers have progressed far beyond word processing, he concludes that boomers do little beyond the basics.

Once again, we see that it’s dangerous to put all boomers in one bucket. While this article draws on an interesting parallel, it shortchanges the entire demographic.

For example, he says “Ask these people about their computer usage, and they’ll reply with, ‘I do my email, write a letter, go to the Internet if I have to, and that’s it,’ as if the computer will wear down if they use it for too many tasks…”

Quite the opposite is true. This attitude exists, but primarily among seniors at this point. Today’s boomers are engaged online in a variety of ways, from social networks and viewing video to online bill paying, shopping travel, bookings, and research.

But we’ll let them speak for themselves:

View baby boomers’ responses to other questions related to Internet usage.

At least Leis was considering how best to target boomers, whereas many marketers ignore the need for segmented messaging.

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