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Integrated Marketing: What it is, Why You Must Do It, and Where to Begin

If you’re like a lot of marketers today, you’re leveraging your website and using digital channels (email, social, paid search, mobile, etc.) to reach mature consumers online. And you’re also spending on direct mail, television ads, or other traditional channels that continue to be effective for reaching Boomers and seniors. But have you truly integrated on- and offline channels for a seamless brand experience?

After all, the people you want to reach live in both the online and offline worlds. The same consumer may watch a television ad and then research your product online, or receive your direct mail piece and see your paid search ad two days later. If you market as though consumers are interacting with each of your channels in a vacuum, you’re missing out on the combined power of those interactions to drive consumers to your ultimate goal. Done correctly, integrated marketing yields higher engagement, a clearer sales path, and the opportunity to build relationships with your customers—something that’s particularly important when marketing to older Americans.

Integrated marketing emphasizes two things: consistency in messaging across touchpoints and use of data to make informed customer-focused marketing decisions. To get started, do a quick audit of your current online and offline marketing campaigns and look for these basic traits:

  • Common visual cues
    When someone looks at your marketing on one channel and then sees your marketing on another channel, can they tell that they’re hearing from the same company? And do you speak in the same voice regardless of channel?
  • Links between offline and digital communications
    Are you supporting your direct mail and print pieces with relevant dedicated landing pages, rather than driving to just your website’s home page? Do those offline promotions contain trackable URLs so you can tell what’s working?
  • Useful data that can inform marketing across channels
    Are you using insights from one channel to optimize efforts in other channels? Do you recognize consumers who have engaged with you on one channel when you market to them on another channel – and do you update your message accordingly?

If you need help building and executing an integrated marketing program that delivers results across channels, give us a call at 301-631-9277 or contact us online. We’ll put our mature audience expertise and integrated marketing experience to work for you.

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