Impact of Response Times in Sales [stats]

Responding quickly to a lead in the senior market has a greater impact than you might think. These response time statistics will shake up your thinking on just how critical a quick reply really is.

Immersion Active Recommends:

  • Develop a process around responding to web leads, with roles and responsibilities.
  • Set up alerts and emails to make sure leads get alerted to the right people automatically.
  • Define and measure target response goals and key performance indicators for your team.

Immersion Active Recommends:

  • The Immersion Active telesales team responds to online leads in real time (within 5 minutes) to maximize our connection rates.
  • Set appointments same day rather than several days out, because the percentages of appointments that don’t hold increases dramatically.

Immersion Active Recommends:

  • Use a local phone number to contact web leads.
  • Specify which number will be used to return calls, and make sure the phone number ID says “your company name”.
  • Leave a personalized voicemail.
  • Ensure your call center or telesales team has enough bandwidth and a backup plan to respond to the anticipated volume of inbound leads as quickly as possible.

Immersion Active Recommends:

  • Develop and enforce a disciplined phone follow-up schedule to make 7 contact attempts.
  • Determine when the best time of day and day of week are to connect with web leads.
  • Ensure your follow-up schedule aligns with the best time of day and day of week to connect.
  • Employ a mixture of phone and email contact attempts.

Make Response Times a Priority in Senior Marketing

Are you looking to make the most of your lead generation efforts, but don’t have the ability to respond to your leads inside of these best practices? Immersion Active has built an online lead experience program to fit your needs. Our telesales department was built to help businesses like yours respond to and qualify web leads, and help you get the most out of your lead generation efforts. Interested in hearing more? Contact us today, or call 301-631-9277 for an intelligent conversation about lead generation and making the most of your response times.

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