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Immersion Active Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014

Every year, we continue to speak to and work with marketers around the world intrigued by the 50-plus market and their engagement in all things digital.  The depth and breadth of our work across verticals makes every day a blessing as we continue to fulfill our mission to help connect older adults with the products and services that will help them maintain their dignity and independence.

2014 was a big year for Immersion Active and there are lots of changes coming in 2015; but first, we wanted to thank you for your interest in engaging boomers and seniors online and share your favorite posts of 2014. Don’t have time to read them all now? For your convenience, we’ve complied them all in an eBook for you. You can download them now and read at your convenience. Happy New Year from Immersion Active.

5 – Selling to Boomers and Seniors: CES Panel On “Cracking the Distribution Code”

For the second year in a row, Immersion Active was invited to speak at the Silvers Summit at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). This year, we moderated a panel focused on “cracking the distribution code” as it relates to getting products and services in the hands of aging boomers and seniors. Here are David’s takeaways for how brands targeting boomers and seniors are successfully cracking the distribution code.

4 – The Proper use of Segmentation in Mature Marketing

Simple segmentation is not effective, but when based on data-based insights and consumers’ behaviors, it can significantly improve a campaign’s effectiveness. Kathi Scharf, VP of Operations, explains how today’s online marketing world can use proper segmentation in mature marketing to improve immediate and long-term ROI.

3 – Connecting to the Needs of Pre-Retirees

The boomer generation is redefining retirement norms, causing the pre-retiree audience to span almost the entire boomer generation. As a marketer, it’s challenging to target this market in a successful way. Immersion Active lays out how to connect to pre-retiree’s needs by finding commonalities across consumers.

2 – Why Boomers Could Be Your Most Valuable Facebook Fans 

According to Pew Research Center’s survey, older adults have been the fastest growing group on Facebook since 2009. They have smaller, tighter circles in the online world than their younger counterparts, but it’s actually a good thing, offering stronger, more personal connections. If your brand can meaningful engage older adults in social media, you could also influence their close personal circles.

1 – Connecting with Family Caregivers to Connect with Seniors Online (Part 1 of 3)

As a marketer, you need a strong relationship with family caregivers in order to connect with seniors online. Here are several tips on what is important to caregivers and how you can position your senior products and services to meet their desires and needs.

Keep a copy of our posts for reference. Download our eBook of our Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014 here.

Interested in learning how your company can engage boomers and seniors online? Contact us for a free consultation.