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How Your Active Adult Community Can Geotarget Online

If your active adult community is focused on bringing in people within certain areas – select counties, regions in the state, etc., it’s probably not the wisest marketing plan to advertise across the entire state, or even multiple states. You’ll want to focus on reaching the audience that will be most likely to buy a home in your community. After all, if a person doesn’t live within a several-hour drive of your location, they’re probably unlikely to end up living there.

This is where geotargeting can help you.

What is Geotargeting?

Geotargeting, at its core, is serving information to users based on their physical geographic location. For example, geotargeting through traditional channels might look like this: if the user is in “Smith County” and uses “Smith County Cable,” companies that want to market in Smith County can pay the cable company to run their ads specifically to Smith County users.

Of course, today’s digital platforms offer even more targeted and effective means of marketing to users online based upon their physical locations. Through data like IP addresses, device IDs, and GPS signals, marketers can serve ads to users in a more targeted way than ever before.

That’s especially important now on mobile devices.

According to Google’s “Micro-Moments” study, 87 percent of people have their phone with them at all times, and 30 percent admit they feel anxious when they don’t have it. With the intelligence geotargeting provides, marketers can seamlessly gain knowledge about where their audience lives, works, and spends their free time. This lets them provide more personalized, useful information to their audiences.

Why Geotargeting Works

We know that, especially in America, individualism is championed. Because of that, more and more companies are starting to use geotargeting as a way to market to prospects as individuals instead of placing them into a collective sales funnel. And, it works: the more targeted ads can be, the more effective they are.

A prospect’s location defines not only their environment at the time, but it also establishes their mindset, making it even simpler to deliver relevant content. A suitable ad will allow the marketer to reach their ultimate goal: a lead.

Aside from the importance of a consumer’s individuality, one must take into consideration the prominence of GPS usage. According to Pew Research Center, 82 percent of Baby Boomers get directions, recommendations, and other information related to location from their smartphones.

It has even been proven that 70 percent of consumers are willing to share information about their location if they believe they will receive incentives such as special offers, coupons, or loyalty points.

Simply put, geotargeting users redirects them to your website and encourages more on-location foot traffic.

How Can Geotargeting Help Your Active Adult Community?

So, geotargeting is effective – but how can you put it to use for your active adult community?

To begin your geotargeting campaign, you must identify your market. Will you have an age range? Who exactly do you want living in your community? Is there a geographical location you’d like to target more than other places?

Facebook is one way to go here. The social media giant enables businesses to display ads to leads that are within close proximity to their location, increasing the likelihood of an impromptu visit. With 798 million daily active mobile users, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with on-the-go prospects. For example, if a potential resident happens to pass your community, an ad could pop up in the corner of their profile, encouraging them to tour your property on the spot.

If you’re searching for an affordable marketing campaign to capture a local audience, geotargeting allows you to attract prospects that are looking for their ideal active adult community. Once you begin to implement your game plan, you can target those who are typically in your neighborhood and enjoy nearby restaurants, shopping, and entertainment venues.

Pick the right team to help you

A lot of geotargeting marketing can be confusing, even for those who know exactly what it is and what to do with it. If you want to go down this path – and if you want to advertise your community effectively, you should – it’s always good to have someone by your side that can help guide you.

At Immersion Active, we have a proven track record of marketing to Boomers and seniors online. We are a digital agency focused on helping you make the right decisions when it comes to marketing. We’re here for you. Contact us today to see how we can help you with geotargeting.

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