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Florida Boomer Lifestyle 2009 Conference

Boomers are expected to make up more than 27% of Florida’s population by 2010 and over 30% by 2015. This makes the state one of the world’s best arenas for the research, development, design, testing, and launching of products and services geared toward boomer consumers. No organization seriously interested in serving this demographic should be without a Florida specific strategy.

At the Florida Boomer Lifestyle Conference, attendees will get dozens of ideas for profitable businesses, products, and services that address baby boomers’ complex needs. It will also address which trends and market forces are influencing the most successful organizations serving the baby boomer marketplace today.

Immersion Active partner David Weigelt will be presenting at the conference, holding a session titled “Engaging Boomers Online with Social Media.” In this presentation, Weigelt will cover:

  • Why social media is and will continue to be important to baby boomers
  • How and where boomers are engaging in social media
  • How to develop a social media strategy for your brand that generates real results
  • How to measure your success