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Boomers 2.0: Beyond the Numbers Boomer Marketing Summit

Immersion Active partner David Weigelt will be featured as a panelist and roundtable discussion leader at Boomers 2.0, the 6th annual Beyond the Numbers conference sponsored by JWT Boom.

David will sit on the online panel and, along with other members, will analyze how new media, new technology, entertainment, the Internet, and traditional media can be used in new ways to connect with baby boomers. The panel is titled “New Media & Online Drill Down – What Does This Mean to You as a Marketer?”

Following the panel, David will lead a roundtable discussion. During this time, he will exhibit Immersion Active’s interactive aging simulator, an exclusive demo where people can experience firsthand the challenges faced by aging Internet users.

Boomers 2.0 is the 6th annual Beyond the Numbers Boomer Marketing Summit sponsored by JWT Boom. It is a two-day summit concentrated on teaching marketing professionals to integrate a media approach to connect with baby boomers, so they can have a piece of the $2.3 trillion pie of this demographic’s annual spending.

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