Best of 2019 Immersion Active Blogs

2019 was a banner year for Immersion Active’s team of intrepid bloggers. Whether you’ve been following our blog regularly or you just popped in a time or two to read about a subject that interests you, you’d find that our experts dug deep into topics important to our readers and investigated trends with the potential to upend traditional systems.

Over the course of the year, we looked into best practices for web sales and digital marketing, especially best practices pertaining to the 50+ market and real estate. We also examined different types of senior housing, including 55+ active adult communities, continuing care retirement communities, and the up-and-coming trend of adding ADUs (accessory dwelling units) to existing properties. Now that 2019 is in the record books, we wanted to take one more look back into some the topics that resonated with our readers.

Therefore we present (drum roll, please)…


The Top 5 Immersion Active Blogs of 2019:

#OKBoomer: Probably our favorite blogs of the year focused on refuting the “OK Boomer” meme that called anyone considered to be out-of-touch or uncool a “Boomer.” As experts who know the 50+ markets inside and out, we took exception to the portrayal of Boomers as being incompetent and uncaring. Read our blogs to find out all the ways Boomers are working to make the world a better place.  

ADUs: Accessory Dwelling Units have been in the news lately but our own Karen Strong is diving into this topic with gusto in a two-part series that looks at the trends that are shaping the increase in interest in this type of housing as well as the regulations involved in building an ADU. As the year progresses, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this important topic so keep a look out for more information and insight into ADUs.

Single 55+ Home Buyers: Also known as Solo Agers or Elder Orphans, the number of people over age 55 who are living on their own without the help of a partner or children is a growing demographic. Our 3 part series (Part 3 will be published later this month) examines the wants and needs of this group and shows how they have the potential to shape housing choices for decades to come.  

Website Best Practices: Digital design and content experts will get a lot of out this blog series that took an in-depth look at best practices for reaching the 50+ audience. As a team, we’ve spent years optimizing our website design and content to attract this specific audience and we know what they like and what really turns them off. Reading this series will open your eyes to some of the pet peeves that will keep consumers away from your website and from buying whatever you are selling.

Facebook Targeting: You may know that Facebook is continuously adjusting its ad targeting controls but you may not know how these controls affect your own results. Our blog. Navigating the Facebook Targeting Adpocalypse, really hit the mark (see what we did there?) with readers who needed clear and concise info about how new and upcoming changes to Facebook’s policies might impact them.

These 5 blogs are a great representation of the expertise the Immersion Active team brings to every project we work on. We’re looking forward to another year of sharing our thoughts and data-driven insight with our readers. Be sure to check in with us regularly, because in addition to the range of topics we’ll cover on the blog, we’ve got some big changes on the horizon (Hint: our website won’t look like this for much longer). Happy New Year to all and we look forward to seeing you here again soon.

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