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Baby Boomer Marketing Starter Kit

Making Your Case to Management: Stats & Facts

Chances are that if you’re on this site, you understand the importance of paying special attention to your older consumer base. But that doesn’t mean that your supervisors do. If you need to make the case that targeting older adults is worthy of a separate consideration, use these resources to give you the ammo you need.

50+ Facts and Fiction: Size, Wealth and Spending of 50+ Consumers
A breadth of the best Baby Boomer marketing statistics to give you an idea of the spending, wealth, and size of the mature consumer landscape.

50+ Facts and Fiction: Top Myths and Facts Around Mature Consumers
Debunks some of the common myths that surround the older adult market, especially when it comes to their digital media consumption.

Along the same lines, for those who think older adults are not digital consumers, these resources are particularly helpful:

50+ Facts and Fiction: Mature Consumers Online
The importance of marketing to older adults online is only increasing. This post presents some of the most important facts of senior Internet usage.

Google Report: Reaching Today’s Boomers and Seniors Online
A great report from Google/Ipsos that details the activities of Baby Boomers and seniors online.

Older Adults and Internet Use (Pew Research Center)
Statistics from Pew Research Center on the issues, attitudes, and trends relating to older adult Internet usage.

Some of these are a few years old at the time of this writing, but older adults are still the fastest growing demographic online—with mobile especially making great strides among older adults over the past two years.

Refining Your Marketing: Targeting Audiences

As you work toward segmenting your marketing efforts, you may start to think about distinct audiences within the older population. Understanding the different segments of your market can help you tailor your messaging and address the concerns they have, as well as help increase your conversion rates.

Use these audience profile overviews to get you started:

Pre-Retiree Stats and Data
Stats, data, and insights into how to best engage pre-retirees online.

Caregiver Stats and Data
Family caregivers are often overlooked when marketing to seniors. Here are a few stats and insights to help you reach them.

Grandparents Stats and Data
Wondering how grandparents use the Internet? Well, let’s just say that Grandma has a good chance of being on Facebook.

Health Conscious Boomer Stats and Data
Healthy living is important to many baby boomers. Find out how health conscious Boomers are getting health info online.

Want to segment even further? Find even more example of these profiles on our Stats & Facts page.

Diving Deeper into Audiences

When you’re ready to dive deeper into audiences, whether it be the ones above or a distinct segment of your client base, consider a more in-depth profile (such as our Alzheimer’s Caregiver Profile), or contact us to develop an actionable custom audience profile for your company.
Here are a couple of posts to help you gain a better understanding of how to target mature audiences online.

The Best Places to Target Female Boomers Online
Learn where female Baby Boomers spend their time online so that you can reach them more effectively.

Top 7 Online Marketing Channels for Mature Consumers in 2015
Seven of the best online marketing channels to reach older adults.

Pushing Through to the Sale

Integrating marketing and sales is a logical next step once your marketing house is in order. These resources can help you make the case for creating a cohesive end-to-end customer experience that puts an emphasis on making sales happen.

Impact of Response Times in Sales [stats]
Find out how response time in sales impacts the buying process. You might be surprised by the answers.

Selling to Older Consumers Through an Integrated Customer Experience
Older adults appreciate integrated customer experiences. Find out the best practices to close more sales.

These resources are some of the most popular on our site, and they’ll provide you with plenty of information to get you started as you market to older adults. Check out more on our regularly updated blog, or sign up for our email newsletter to get insights on how to market to Baby Boomers and seniors delivered to your inbox twice a month.