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Advertising to Baby Boomers through Social Media: 55+ Housing Edition

Earlier this month, Kathi Scharf and I presented at the International Builders Show in Orlando, FL. As a part of the 55+ Housing track, I presented on how to leverage social media to market to 55+ consumers. I focused on how older adults use social media and how to create ad campaigns to better connect with the boomer market and generate high-quality sales leads.

Due to the detailed targeting options and variety of ad types, social media is an effective and essential part of the marketing mix for our property development clients here at Immersion Active.

Highlights from the presentation

The Most Current Stats on Boomers’ & Seniors’ Social Media Usage:

  • 28% of those ages 50–64 use Pinterest.
    16% of those ages 65+ use Pinterest.
  • 24% of those ages 50–64 use LinkedIn.
    20% of those ages 65+ use LinkedIn.
  • 21% of those ages 50–64 use Twitter.
    10% of those ages 65+ use Twitter.
  • 72% of those ages 50–64 use Facebook.
    62% of those ages 65+ use Facebook.
  • 18% of those ages 50–64 use Instagram.
    8% of those ages 65+ use Instagram.


There are 50 to 60 million monthly active Facebook users over the age of 50 in the United States, as of January 2018.

Boomer and senior Facebook users are highly engaged and likely to share content, especially video.

When it comes to advertising 55+ communities to baby boomers and older adults on social media, we definitely recommend some platforms over others. Right now, Facebook and Instagram are the best options for the 55+ housing market.

Reaching baby boomers and older adults through social media advertising is not only possible but can be very effective if done correctly. Aside from the excellent opportunities for engagement, you just can’t beat the timely analytics and insights that are available through social media reporting.

If you’d like to reach seniors online for real estate or an active adult community, we can help!

Contact us today to learn more about our social media advertising capabilities.

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