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5 Tips for Creating Engaging Content

Businesses strive to create meaningful experiences and relationships with consumers, but with an increasingly digital world, this emphasis on engagement must continue into the consumer’s experience when they are online. Whether it’s writing content for a website, social media, or a digital ad, businesses must be able to both capture consumers’ attention and provide something that is meaningful for them.

Immersion Active Content Strategist, Michelle Kershner, spoke about engaging content creation during an informational mini-session at our 20th Anniversary Open House in August. Here are her five tips for creating engaging content for consumers:

  1.  Lead with Emotion
    Studies show more information is retained when an emotional connection is made first. Start by describing a concern or pain point the consumer may have and then describe how the product or service alleviates it. Or better yet, describe a happy feeling the consumer can achieve using the product or service.
  2. Embrace the First Person
    A quick refresher:  first person is “I” or “we,” second person is “you,” and third person is “he,” “she,” “it,” and “they.” Think back to English class – does anyone else remember learning that saying “I” was a writing faux pas? Forget what you learned that day. Writing in the first person reminds consumers that there is a person behind the words they are reading, as well as the products or services a company creates.
  3.  Be Positive
    Using positive language makes sentences short and snappy so say what something is, not what it isn’t. This is the difference between saying “it is cloudy today” and “it’s not very sunny today.”Being positive can also apply to the tone of your writing, especially when talking about a heavy topic, such as older adults and the potential for their driving abilities to decrease as they age. A 2012 Nielsen neuro focus study found mature brains have better control over their emotions and pay more attention to positive messages. Therefore, choosing a headline that reads “10 Warning Signs a Senior May be Unsafe on the Road” instead of “10 Warning Signs a Senior Shouldn’t Be Driving” may resonate better with the reader.
  4. Be Direct
    Tell the consumer what will happen if they use a product or service or complete a call to action. Be clear. Keep it simple.
  5.  Consider the Format
    Copy is everywhere so to be a good writer is to be flexible. Consider the medium, the audience, and the goal. For example, writing a tweet is going to be very different than writing a Facebook ad or a blog post.

Watch a video of Michelle’s presentation here. Want more advice for writing engaging content? We can help. Contact us!

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