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4 Things to Do with Your Email Database

We love data – but it’s easy to get bogged down in data, or to focus excessively on data to the detriment of action. Take email databases, for example.

It’s common to become laser-focused on building a good email list – which is a good thing. Sometimes, though, it’s good to step back and see what you can actually do with all of the data you’ve collected – and to see whether the activities you’ve been using the data for are actually benefitting your business.

Strategic action is, after all, the point of collecting the data in the first place.

With action in mind, let’s take a look at four ways you can put your email database to use – all outside of sending a single email.

1. Data appending

One easy way to put your email list to use is to leverage it to collect more data. This is called data appending.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, here’s how it works: just take your email contacts to a 3rd party (Acxiom is an industry leader), and they’ll assist you in appending additional data to your list. With a data append, you can gain information like demographic information, household income, and so on. This gives you a more complete profile of your subscribers, which is useful on a variety of levels.

Not only can you flesh out what your target audience looks like, but you can also use appended data to help you segment your lists. Would a message resonate more with households of a certain income level, or contacts in a certain geographic region? Well, now that you have that data, you can tailor your emails accordingly for increased engagement.

2. Closed-loop reporting

You can also use your email list to do closed-loop reporting. Essentially, this means checking your leads or customers against your email list.

This will be helpful in showing the real value of your marketing actions. Are your emails resulting in customers? Which of your activities are most impactful? Was a certain email the last point of contact before you closed a sale?

Closed-loop reporting allows you to find out which of your actions are creating real value for your company.

And, conversely, using your sales data, you can begin to understand the value of individual subscribers and leads. Do you convert 10% of your leads to customers, with an average value of $500 per customer? That means that 100 leads will result in $5,000 of business – or that each lead is worth $50. Further, if you’re nurturing 10% of your email subscribers into leads, it means that each subscriber is worth $5.

You can use this kind of data to optimize your marketing and sales funnel.

3. Reverse appends

Much like when you submit your email address to a third party for a data append, you can also do what is called a reverse append. Reverse appends use email to capture your subscriber’s phone number or physical address. This can come in handy for developing geo-targeted email campaigns. Once you know the physical addresses of your subscribers, you can target them with messages that are geographically relevant. On top of that, if your company leverages direct mail, reverse appending also can increase the reach of your print material campaigns.

4. Audience targeting on Facebook and Google

Finally, you can use your email list to target entire audiences on platforms like Facebook and Google.

Remember, your email list is more than just a list – it’s a database. Thanks to the evolution of marketing databases, that means that you can use your email list to reach audiences outside of your static list.

On Facebook, for example, you can use your emails to create “lookalike audiences” – entire untapped audiences that share similar characteristics to your list, and that you can reach with your ad campaigns. You can effectively use your list to reach past the confines of your list and generate new leads and customers.

Next Steps

There you go: four creative ways to put your email list to use. Now, get out there and start making your list work for you!

Want more help in getting the most out of your email list and customer data? Get in touch with us. At Immersion Active, we have decades of experience crafting integrated marketing campaigns for senior audiences, and we’re experts at putting data to use. We’d love to hear from you online or at 301.631.9277 for a discussion on the best ways to make your data useful.

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