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2014 What’s Next Boomer Business Summit

Immersion Active President, David Weigelt will be speaking at this year’s What’s Next Boomer Business Summit alongside Jack York, Founder of It’s Never 2 Late, on Targeting the Far End of the Longevity Economy, with moderator Laurie Orlov.

As the boomers move through the age python, the oldest of them is now 67, many still working and looking forward to another 20 years or more. Based on the likelihood of living with chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, vision or hearing loss, or dementia, what is the assisted living environment of the boomer future and will boomers be able to afford to live there?  And what are the implications, for products, services, technology, housing and health on the aging boomer demographic?

The What’s Next Boomer Business Summit is an annual event that brings together the country’s top businesses and organizations that are focused on the boomer and beyond marketplace.