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2009 Generations Online Report

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has released the 2009 version of its Generations Online report. As we suggest in our book Dot Boom, older generations are generally following suit with younger adults. Pew states, “Much as we watch demographic and age groups move up in degrees of access on our thermometers, we can probably expect to see these bars become more level as time goes on.”

A few takeaways include:

  • 70-75 year olds make up fastest growing segment of online users
  • Email most popular online activity for adults 64 while email usage is waning for younger adults
  • Older adults (33-72) more likely to look for religious information online
  • Older generations much more likely to download videos than two years ago
  • Top reasons boomers access internet: research, shopping and banking
  • Oldest groups (65 ) broadband usage triples
Generational Differences in Online Activities Chart

Generational Differences in Online Activities Chart

Visit Pew”s website to download the full report.