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New white paper presented at DMA Conferences reveals how to capture baby boomer and senior markets online

Have you heard that web sites and interactive media are lost on baby boomers and seniors? Then you havenÍt read Interactive Design Preferences of 50-Plus Users, a white paper prepared by Immersion Active, the only Internet marketing agency in the U.S. focused solely on the 50-plus markets.

Recently presented at the Direct Marketing Association Mastering the 50+ Marketplace conference in New York on April 25, 2006, and again at the New England Direct Marketing Association Conference on June 14th, the white paper is the first comprehensive document to explain the internet marketing considerations all companies must understand when trying to capture the mature market.

And Kurt Medina, direct marketing consultant and featured speaker at the DMA conferences, couldnÍt be happier. ñImmersion Active has put forth web site how-to information for the 50+ consumer that people need to know, and that has not been available in any one concise place before,î said Medina, ñwhich is why I felt it was critical to present it.î Medina will present the white paper again at the next Mastering the 50+ Marketplace conference to be held in San Francisco on October 25, 2006.

Company web sites that do attract boomers and seniors do quite well online, bringing in purchases that totaled $7 billion last year alone. Design and usability considerations for 50+ users, with respect to not just attitudes and preferences, but also inevitable physiological and cognitive degradation, had yet to be explored in full. The white paper can be downloaded directly at

ñFrom Presbyopia to ParkinsonÍs, from macular degeneration to muscle problems, there are site content architecture, contrast, imagery and layout factors that can no longer be ignored by businesses trying to capture the wealthiest demographic in history,î says Immersion Active partner David Weigelt.

He adds that ñbuilding a ï50+ friendlyÍ web site does not mean that you have to alienate a younger audience. When implemented correctly, you can have it both ways.î

While design guidelines alone are not the magical solution for bringing home the 50+ consumer, they do provide a strong starting point for drawing in prospects and converting them to customers. Immersion Active is currently exploring other interactive channel research, including a study of the online advertising preferences of the 50+ group.

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