Lead Generation

Not just any leads. Highly-qualified leads.
The team at Immersion Active understands that this difference is the key to your sales success.

Whether you describe yourself as an active adult, age-restricted, amenity-rich, resort, or multi- generational community, you need quality leads that are going to convert into visits and tours.

Driving leads for new, second, vacation, and retirement homes or condos requires insight and understanding of home sales’ lengthy conversion process. Despite the sales team’s desires, 50+ homebuyers are rarely ready to buy today. It takes nurturing, starting during your advertising campaigns, to get that perspective buyer to inquire.

You need to provide value along the way, make an emotional connection, and get them intrigued about your community. That’s why Immersion Active employs a full-funnel campaign strategy for all of our community marketing campaigns. We need to fill the funnel at the top, then expose homebuyers to your community multiple times to move them through the sales funnel to a conversion.

Immersion Active’s Lead Generation campaigns leverage a variety of digital channels and tactics (potentially including paid search, paid social, and video advertising, as well as display and remarketing) to drive visitors to a landing page (or pages, depending on the campaign’s needs) where visitors can learn more about your community; download a printable PDF brochure; and complete an online inquiry.

Mature customers require, on average, 7 touch points before they will convert to a lead.

At Immersion, we generally begin each new client engagement with a limited, pilot campaign that runs for a pre-defined length and requires a moderate spend. The purpose of the pilot is not to capture all of the available market, but rather to identify the best campaign strategy, media mix model, creative, and landing page in order to optimize the performance of a full campaign.

The Lead Generation Campaign includes:

Campaign Planning

Prior to launching any campaign, it’s critical to have a strong campaign plan. The heavy lifting of running a 50+ homebuyer campaign often occurs during the planning stage where we’ll do the research & analysis to identify target audiences, geo-targeting, appropriate channels, key messaging, and the right media mix.

Campaign Development & Launch

Once we’ve got a solid campaign plan, our paid media and interactive teams get to work developing, setting up, and launching the campaign. Specific activities include:

  • Ad creative – Writing the copy, selecting images, editing videos, and building the ads for all of the planned channels.
  • Landing page development – Leveraging Immersion Active’s award-winning design team to address usability needs, gain consumer trust, and drive them to convert. Content from landing page forms can be integrated with your CRM or stored in a stand-alone database.
  • Campaign setup & deployment – Setting up the campaigns in the appropriate channels.
  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager integration – Identifying the micro- and macro-conversions to be tracked and developing the appropriate analytics profiles, goals, events, and reports to enable accurate and timely analysis, as well as integrating with any existing GTM profiles.

50+ Home Buyer campaigns require human, hands on optimization that can tune into the often subtle emotional drivers of retirement home purchases. Call to walk through our case studies.

Hands-On Optimization

On-going campaign optimization and reporting continues throughout the campaign. At Immersion, we don’t believe in a “set-it and forget it” approach to digital advertising. In fact, we know it doesn’t work for 50+ homebuyers because an algorithm can’t tune in to and respond to the emotions that drive home most pre-retirees and retirees purchases. Instead, we employ a high-touch approach wherein we maintain a very active, hands-on strategy to ensure each campaign is performing at its best. While the campaign is live, Immersion Active will focus on optimizing the mix of channel, messaging, imagery, and landing page content.

Reporting & Scorecards

Campaign reports provide updates on the individual key performance indicators for the campaign and may include clicks, visits, inquiries, cost per click, cost per inquiry, cost per acquisition, etc. Campaign reporting is provided weekly during the first month of the campaign and bi-weekly thereafter. In addition, each month, Immersion Active delivers a campaign scorecard that summarizes not only the key performance indicators, but also provides insights, learnings, and recommended actions, based on Immersion’s understanding of the mature consumer audience.

To learn more about Immersion Active’s Lead Generation Campaigns, contact us and ask for Karen Strong.

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