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We are the Xperts in Targeting the 50+ Homebuyer

Immersion Active is the leading digital agency focused solely on mature consumers. More importantly, we’re the only 50+ agencywith a specialty in the homebuyer market. Together with our partners Gilbert & Sheppard and evoVisit, we Xcel at moving high-quality leads from their homes to your homesite.

Property Development Industry Focus

55+ Active Adult Communities

Age-qualified communities are among the fastest growing home sale segment in the US, and with Gen X buyers becoming qualified for the first time, the possibilities for this segment are Xciting.


Whether you call them CCRCs, life plan, or residential senior care, these communities have a language all their own. We understand how to speak with seniors and their adult children to instill trust and inspire confidence.

Multi-Generation Communities

Wherever you build and whomever your audience, we have proven success developing marketing strategies that will reach your target wherever they are and entice them to come for a visit. We’ll get them to you so your team can close the sale.  

Our Team

Our team includes strategists, designers, paid media specialists, copywriters, and social media gurus with Xpertise in identifying and targeting the 50+homebuyer. We look for out-of-the-box ways to find the right audience and then we work together to create a custom marketing solution designed to fit each community’s unique needs.

To Xtend their reach with Gen X, Boomer, and Senior audiences, brands will often need the following types of marketing services: lead generation, content strategy, and website design.

lead generation

Driving leads for your community can be a challenge, especially if you are selling to 50+ homebuyers who may not be ready to buy for 36+ months. Immersion Active’s Lead Generation campaigns drive high quality leads at lower costs than traditional campaigns. Sales teams love us. Find out why.

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Content Strategy

The content that drives your customers from your website to your homesite needs to be strategic and engaging in order to be effective. Our Xpert content strategists understand how to reach your audience and how to develop and manage your content strategy so your sales team can focus on selling.

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More than 90% of homebuyers search for homes onlinefirst, so it’s vital that your website effectively tell your community’s uniquestory while driving highly qualified leads to your sales team. Our beautiful website designs ensure buyers prioritize your community as they begin their home search.  

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