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Immersion Active Partner David Weigelt Presenting at 2009 Certified Senior Advisors Summit with Focus on Social Networking and Marketing to Seniors

The senior population in the United States is changing dramatically – the first baby boomers will turn 65 in 2011 and behind them is a tidal wave of about 77 million Americans headed toward redefining this growing demographic.

This huge and powerful group of consumers is forcing today’s professionals to sit up and take notice. Today, every business in America must ask itself, “Are we prepared to serve these older consumers?” And there’s no greater opportunity to engage these consumers than marketing to baby boomers and seniors on the Internet.

The Society of Certified Senior Advisors (SCSA) is excited to have Immersion Active partner David Weigelt present at the 2009 CSA Summit: Learn Today, Use Tomorrow, taking place on October 30th 2009 at the Red Lion Southeast location in Denver, Colorado.

Weigelt’s presentation – titled “Social Networking and Seniors” – addresses how older adults are the largest and fastest-growing group of consumers on the Internet. He will begin by defining how adults over age 55 are using the Internet and then delve into the social media avenues they are adopting at rapid rates. Weigelt will also 10 tips on website usability for older consumers, making an emotional connection with boomers and seniors, segmentation and targeting this demographic, social media, and online engagement specific to this group.

Professionals are encouraged to attend in-person to maximize their networking opportunities, but the conference can be attended via a live broadcast on the web. Registration is available on the SCSA’s website.

In addition to Weigelt, the SCSA Summit will feature a total of 11 speakers with several renowned keynote speakers. The Summit speakers were chosen because they share important strategies and solutions on current issues facing CSAs and older adults. The line-up includes:

  • 9 Steps to Living Well by Dr. Terry Grossman
  • Netweaving: Power Networks by Bob Littel 
  • Autonomy vs Safety by Cheryl Siefert 
  • Secrets to Maximizing IRAs by Dennis Blitz 
  • Social Forces in Aging by Dr. Robert Atchley 
  • Evaluating & Solving the Health Care Crisis by Stephen Hyde 
  • Innovative Senior Housing by Dr. Sara Qualls  
  • Cultivating Quality Referrals by Dean Lindsay 
  • Future of Social Security by Dorcas Hardy 
  • Laughter is the Best Medicine by Brad Neider

The seminars are separated into two tracks focusing on aging in America and business bottom lines, two topics that the certified senior advisor community expressed a need for.

The SCSA was established in 1997 to enhance education and standards among professionals working with senior citizens. SCSA’s mission is to educate professionals to work more effectively with their senior clients.