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Immersion Active launches campaign to help relieve Boomer back, knee, elbow, foot and wrist pain

Immersion Active announces its most recent campaign launch with BioElectronics, the drug-free medical device manufacturer working to change the way people heal around the world. Its ActiPatch brand, the focus of Immersion’s 50-Plus Online Sales Campaign, provides safe and effective healing to back, knee, elbow, foot and wrist areas. The ActiPatch’s miniaturized technology allows for continual wear for sustained and comfortable electromagnetic pulse therapy throughout your day. Recognizing the help ActiPatch provides to Boomers, Immersion assembled a program to drive direct response online sales by leveraging our MOEM process and incentivized share tactics. View the campaign landing page (complete humorous video) to learn more about ActiPatch and Immersion’s 50-Plus Online Sales Campaigns.