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Immersion Active announces Internet marketing grant for nonprofit organizations

Immersion Active, the only Internet marketing agency in the U.S. focused on the 50-plus markets, has established the first Internet marketing grant for nonprofit organizations targeting mature consumers.

"This grant creates a great opportunity for a nonprofit to connect with mature consumers, who make up the Internet’s largest and fastest growing constituency, online," David Weigelt, Immersion Active marketing strategist and partner, said. "As a firm with a solid understanding of how to communicate online with adults over 50, we think we can make a positive impact on their marketing efforts."

Immersion Active recognizes that nonprofits often have to focus their budgets on operational expenses over marketing, especially segmented Internet marketing.

"We are excited to offer our expertise to the selected organization," Weigelt said. "We feel that working with a nonprofit dedicated to 50-plus consumers will be an innovative way to further our specialization."

This yearlong grant will allow one organization to collaborate with Immersion Active on some of the following:

  • Establish and formalize a strategic Internet marketing plan
  • Redesign of organization’s identity
  • Planning, architecture, and redesign of a website
  • Redesign of online marketing collateral
  • Create online advertising for service, advocacy, and event campaigns

Some application requirements include proof of nonprofit status and on overall annual budget of at least $300,000. The application deadline is Friday, June 1, 2007.