Innovative Strategic Marketing Solutions for the Healthcare and Wellness Industries

Delivering Best in Class Marketing Results for Health and Wellness Clients is our specialty! As the leading marketing agency for people over the age of 50, a growing demographic using the majority of the more than $3,504 trillion spent on healthcare each year, we are driven by our mission to work with companies and products that enable older adults to live with authenticity,vitality and purpose.

Healthcare Industry Focus


Not just a buzzword, wellness includes a person’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical wellbeing and our team are experts at identifying trends, reaching customers, and delivering results for companies operating in the wellness industry.

Medical Devices

Our team executes digital solutions that reach, educate, and convert consumers, family caregivers, physicians, and businesses on the differentiated value of medical device technology.

Health Insurance

From customer education to acquisition and retention, our innovative digital marketing solutions leverage tailored messaging to entice customers to choose the insurance offerings that meets their or their loved one's needs.

Our Team

Our healthcare team includes strategists, designers, paid media specialists, copywriters, and social media gurus focused specifically on the 50+ consumer. We offer each client a custom solution designed to fit your unique needs, which may encompass market research, customer acquisition journey mapping, product testing and piloting, analytics, and technology platforms.

Three commonly requested digital marketing services include the following: lead generation campaigns, content strategy, and website design.

lead generation

In healthcare, the ability to define your audience and drive high quality leads can make or break a brand. At Immersion Active, our lead generation campaigns are optimized for mature markets and deliver high lead volumes at lower costs than traditional campaigns. And more than that, the quality of the leads we attract will make your sales team smile.

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Content Strategy

The right voice and tone gives your customers a reason to trust your brand, successfully positioning it for success.
Our in-house content team
use language that resonates with your audience, reaching them on a personal level that instills confidence and
allows them to make the
best decision for their healthcare needs.

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Eighty percent of Internet users have searched for a health-related topic online, making your website and other digital assets crucial to your brand’s success. Our experts bring decades of UX design and content expertise to every website and landing page we launch ensuring your customers experience when researching your products.

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Over 10 years ago, Immersion Active began focusing on digital marketing to 50+ consumers because we believed, as we still do, that they represent an underserved and misunderstood consumer online. By using the Internet to help mature consumers connect with ethical, trustworthy brands, we help older adults live healthier, fuller, and more meaningful lives. Senior Living plays a crucial role in helping to fulfill this goal and that's why we believe that together, we can help older adults live with authenticity, vitality, and purpose.

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