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Boomer Marketing Firms Collaborate To Offer Product Innovation as a Service _ Collaboration Promises to Inject Entrepreneurial Thinking into Established Corporations

While it is uniquely consultative among the services offered, it shares a common thrust: help organizations and companies better serve the 50-plus marketplace.

Frederick, MD (January 26, 2012) _ Immersion Active and 50+ consulting group Beyond Age have collaborated to launch a new service that enables large companies to provide innovative products and services for mature consumers in a more rapidly evolving marketplace.

Joel Shapira, founder of Beyond Age, developed the new service, called ñInnovation Invigoration.î Applying Eric Ries’ Lean Startup methodology, Shapira and his Beyond Age team guide companies through a development process that emphasizes experimentation, fast iteration, and customer insights.

Innovation stalls within so many companies despite lots of great ideas, said Shapira. ñBut there’s typically no system for evaluating the ideas in a way that’s going to produce significant breakthroughs. So by the time the product hits the market, it’s been watered down and has very little effect on the business.

Innovation Invigoration promotes a culture of learning to instill a new set of best practices in product and service development. These best practices can be summed up in one word _ Intrapreneurship, values of innovation and opportunity discovery within an existing business.

So many companies are seeking to increase their comfort level with change, said David Weigelt, President of Immersion Active. We are often in the role of serving business owners and marketing executives with our own products, and we discover they have a real gap _ the ability to evangelize new methods of thinking within their organizations around product development. Mainly, leadership teams lack a shared reference point for how quickly to change and how much to invest in research and development. We want to see companies become more agile in serving the aging population. It’s our calling, really, to facilitate better innovation for boomers and seniors.

Innovation Invigoration is the latest addition to a growing set of services from While it is uniquely consultative among the services offered, it shares a common thrust: help organizations and companies better serve the 50-plus marketplace.

To learn more about Innovation Invigoration, visit, a collection of performance-based marketing strategy services for reaching baby boomers and seniors online.

About Immersion Active and

Immersion Active is the only Internet marketing agency in the U.S. focused exclusively on the baby boomer and senior markets. Serving clients such as AARP, ReaderÍs Digest, Del Webb, Home Instead, and more, Immersion Active has earned wide recognition receiving more than 120 regional, national, and international awards over the past thirteen years. Through a needs-based approach, Immersion Active demystifies the thought processes of baby boomers to create a systematic approach to engaging older web users. Their proprietary framework for Meaningful Online Engagement (MOE), combined with cutting edge analytics capabilities, results in relationships that are as rewarding for the brand as they are for the consumer. Immersion ActiveÍs Reach50Plus website offers a toolkit for understanding the mature audience and opening channels to serve them. It includes strategic services as well as performance-based programs, built on the principles for successfully connecting with the boomer audience as it is today.

About Beyond Age with Joel Shapira

Beyond Age was founded in 2010 by Joel Shapira. Applying his extensive background in sales, business development, and strategy since 1995, Joel has been helping both early-stage and publicly traded software companies significantly expand their businesses. Joel created Beyond Age to help businesses deliver valuable, innovative, tech-enabled products and services to older adults when he realized there were not enough early-stage and established businesses doing so effectively, given the growing number of older adults globally with dynamic needs and expectations.