Get detailed research-based insights for planning your 2017 memory care marketing strategy.

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Memory Care Buyer Journey & Profile:

How Consumers Choose Memory Care Facilities and How to Market to Families and Influencers Involved in the Decision

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What the Memory Care Buyer Journey & Profile Includes:

Save time and money planning your 2017 marketing strategies. Coming in Q1 of 2016, the Memory Care Buyer Journey & Profile will give you a comprehensive set of research-based insights, including:

  • Primary memory care audience research

  • The family caregiver’s memory care buyer journey

  • A memory care digital marketing plan

Read more below about the depth of detail included in each of these components. As a bonus, you’ll also receive the Family Caregiver Persona PLUS a complete PowerPoint presentation to share insights from this research package with your marketing team.

Primary Memory Care Audience Research

  • Exclusive interviews with nine leading Alzheimer’s and dementia researchers

  • Survey results of top memory care providers

  • Five interviews with family caregivers about how they chose a memory care facility

  • Hundreds of first person customer verbatims that describe the customer experience and buyer journey in their own words

Family Caregiver’s Memory Care Buyer Journey

  • The 5-step buyer’s journey of a family caregiver considering memory care facilities

  • Detailed descriptions of the strategy for connecting with the family caregiver at each stage of the decision

  • Detailed keyword research and ad copy specific to each stage of the buyer journey that you can leverage for your:

    • Paid search campaigns
    • Facebook audience targeting segments (including strategies with examples)
    • Competitor paid search estimates
    • Website conversion strategies
    • Marketing automation/email strategies

Memory Care Digital Marketing Plan

  • Memory care market research and market sizing estimates

  • Competitive analysis of the keywords driving traffic to leading memory care community websites

  • A recommended marketing plan with recommended prioritization of digital marketing activities

  • Website design and conversion, email/marketing automation, Facebook communication and advertising recommendations

  • Sample ads and creative from leading providers of memory care

Bonus: Family Caregiver Memory Care Persona

  • Key feature sets

  • Motivations

  • Decision criteria

  • Objections

  • Content preferences

  • And more

Memory Care Buyer Journey & Profile—PowerPoint Presentation

In addition to the memory care audience research, buyer journey, digital marketing plan and persona components listed above, you’ll get ready-to-go PowerPoint slides to easily share audience insights and marketing recommendations with your team.

Who Typically Uses This Profile?

If you have purchased lists for the memory care market in the past or are involved in the memory care industry in any capacity, the Memory Care Buyer Journey & Profile is for you. Who specifically might find it helpful?

  • Chief Marketing Officers

  • Marketing & Strategy Professionals

  • Customer Experience Professionals

  • Content Professionals

  • Sales Professionals

Who Developed This Profile?

A small team of marketers from Immersion Active, each representing a different digital discipline, compiled the research found in this profile and infused it with our own layer of insight based on 17 years of award-winning experience meaningfully engaging a 50+ audience.

Immersion Active was awarded a Silver Content Marketing Award in 2014 in the category of Best Email Driven Content Program for its Alzheimer’s Reflections email series targeting an Alzheimer’s caregiver audience.

Immersion Active has also received recognition in the 2014 National Mature Media Awards across multiple digital channels, including email nurture via a digital e-newsletter for professional caregivers, online video production for a caregiver appreciation video, and mobile app development for the Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias Daily Companion App.

Immersion Active is a digital agency focused on the 50+ market that integrates data-driven digital marketing strategy with cutting edge sales techniques to help clients win their best mature-market customers at the lowest cost.

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