Alzheimer’s Caregiver Profile

An In-Depth Look at Who Buys Alzheimer’s Products and How to Market to Them

Get 148 pages of research-based insights for planning an audience-focused marketing strategy.

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The Alzheimer’s Caregiver Profile includes:

  • A detailed family caregiver persona—motivations, decision criteria, objections, content preferences and more

  • The 5-step buyer’s journey of an Alzheimer’s caregiver including online search behavior

  • Alzheimer’s and dementia market research

  • Competitive analysis of the keywords driving traffic to top Alzheimer’s product websites

  • A recommended marketing plan and budget allocation

  • Website and social media considerations

  • A 48-slide presentation to share audience insights and marketing recommendations with your team

Get 148 pages of research-based insights for planning an audience-focused marketing strategy.

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A comprehensive collection of the research, data and insights you need to achieve deep audience understanding and plan effective marketing strategies…without spending a lot of time and money.

Marketers can get information about their consumers from a variety of sources: focus groups, market research reports, purchased lists and others. But compiling data from those sources and extracting actionable insights can cost thousands of dollars in both time and hard costs. Immersion Active’s Alzheimer’s Caregiver Profile provides a comprehensive collection of the research, data and insights you need to truly understand your audience and efficiently develop marketing strategies that effectively engage your audience.

The research and insights in this profile will play a central role in all of your marketing activities, from developing a go-to market strategy to media planning to creating content.

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Profile Package Details

Immersion Active’s Alzheimer’s Caregiver Profile package includes five main components:

Family Caregiver Persona Profile

  • Demographics: Age, education, family situation, employment status, income, and more

  • Psychographics: goals, drivers, and barriers

  • Solution fit: decision criteria, objections, differentiators, success factors and more

  • Buying process: role in decision process, influencers, journey from need stage to decision stage and beyond

  • Content preferences and technographics: sources of information, preferred content formats and channels, messaging preferences

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Alzheimer’s Caregiver Buyer’s Journey

Elaborates on the persona profile by detailing the Alzheimer’s caregiver’s mindset, friction points, goals and behaviors at each stage of their buyer’s journey. It includes:

  • Product messaging examples and best practices

  • Search terms used by the Alzheimer’s caregiver at each stage

  • Voice-of-customer data

  • Alzheimer’s and dementia market research

  • Market sizing information

  • Spending habits

  • Marketing channel considerations

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Marketing Considerations for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver

  • Marketing strategy and budget recommendations for each stage of the buyer’s journey

  • Website, social media, email, and PPC considerations

  • Digital content and messaging direction

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48-Slide Presentation and Notes

The presentation slides summarize key insights from the Family Caregiver Persona Profile, Alzheimer’s Caregiver Buyer Journey and Marketing Considerations so you can quickly get your team up to speed. It also comes with presentation notes including source citations and other details you may need to knowledgeably speak to the presentation content.

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Who Typically Uses This Profile?

If you have purchased lists for the Alzheimer’s caregiver market in the past or are involved in selling or marketing Alzheimer’s products in any capacity, the Alzheimer’s Caregiver Profile is for you. Who specifically might find it helpful?

Chief Marketing Officers

Marketing & Strategy Professionals

Customer Experience Professionals

Content Professionals

Sales Professionals

Who Developed This Profile?

Who Developed This Profile?

A small team of marketers from Immersion Active, each representing a different digital discipline, compiled the research found in this profile and infused it with our own layer of insight based on 17 years of award-winning experience meaningfully engaging a 50+ audience.

Immersion Active was awarded a Silver Content Marketing Award in 2014 in the category of Best Email Driven Content Program for its Alzheimer’s Reflections email series targeting an Alzheimer’s caregiver audience.

Immersion Active has also received recognition in the 2014 National Mature Media Awards across multiple digital channels, including email nurture via a digital e-newsletter for professional caregivers, online video production for a caregiver appreciation video, and mobile app development for the Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias Daily Companion App.

Immersion Active is a digital agency focused on the 50+ market that integrates data-driven digital marketing strategy with cutting edge sales techniques to help clients win their best mature-market customers at the lowest cost.

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