We’ve Always Been Your Partner
Now More Than Ever,
We Are Your Team

We can help you
build relationships
with your customers
in the new virtual world.

Here’s how:

A brave new virtual world has been thrust upon us, bringing both challenges and opportunity. We are digital marketing experts in relationship building for the 50+ market. As your guides on this journey from physical workspaces to digital connections, our goal is to help you reach new heights.

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Make a personal connection
With your Home buyers
Install an online
appointment scheduler

Our experts will:

  • Implement the online virtual tour scheduler
  • Train sales team to use the new technology
  • Provide best practices for video conferencing
  • Recommend digital updates to promote online tours
  • Provide guidance on marketing your digital capabilities to increase home buyer adoption


Show the beauty of your homes
and community
Create virtual home
tours and community videos

Our experts will:

  • Assist sales team with identifying photo and video footage
  • Train sales team to create a virtual tour
  • Equip team to conduct effective live meetings
  • Help sales team complete videos on calls, social, website, and email nurture
  • Create online tours from preexisting photography and videos


Build a
virtual world
content strategy
Showcase your community's
personality and identity

Our experts will:

  • Create a content strategy and editorial calendar for your property or community
  • Write engaging organic social posts for your social platforms
  • Provide messaging changes for your community landing pages
  • Update your email nurture to reflect today’s realities of virtual visits
  • Develop advertising copy enhancements

Here are some resources to quickly transform your physical office into a digital workspace

We’ve created a suite of resources to help you adjust your mentality for today’s digital reality. Here’s how to reach your past, present, and future customers where they are now.

Rethink your
marketing strategy

Develop a digital first mentality

Shoot a personalized home tour video

We are the leaders in marketing to consumers 50+, including Gen X, Boomers, and their influencers. Our team is your comprehensive resource to help you keep connected to past, present, and future clients.

If you have questions and want to connect with us, we’re here for you. Contact us to take advantage of the changing times to transform your digital marketing.

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