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Every marketing agency seems to have a process they enjoy talking about — and they're almost all the same. They usually include some form of the "four D's" — Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy.

Marketing and Slots

In our book, Dot Boom: Marketing to Baby Boomers Online through Meaningful Online Engagement, we first suggested that marketing needs a makeover. One of the three areas we identified as broken, with regard to marketing to boomers and seniors, was the inability as an industry to replicate success. It seems to us that most marketing campaigns (especially online) are built in a vacuum for which the creative, media, and technical elements and skill sets rarely come together (i.e. we pull the lever, but the cherries rarely line up). And, when they do, we usually weren't sure why.

At Immersion Active, we've got our version of the four D's as well. They are: Diagnose, Plan, Implement and Report/Optimize.

But that's where the similarity ends.

A Framework for Replicable Success

Immersion Active develops campaigns targeting boomers and seniors that are based on our definition of Meaningful Online Engagement. We refer to the model simply as MOEM, (Meaningful Online Engagement Model).

Our Process : Diagnose -> Plan -> Implement -> Report & Optimize

MOEM is a not a rigid set of rules or processes. Rather, it is a framework for building integrated campaigns that involves three phases of work. This process defines the:

Our MOEM framework is especially powerful in building campaigns targeting boomers and seniors because it:

  • Takes a storytelling approach, which is essential in connecting with the emotions and worldviews of a mature consumer
  • Considers both your brand's story (as you've defined it) as well as the context in which your story will be inserted (very important at a time when the consumer is increasingly shaping the message)
  • Combines the different skill sets necessary to deliver a well-balanced campaign
  • Considers, more broadly, how and where we will insert your brand into the conversation by defining the influential people, places, and things (as opposed to focusing solely on the places — as a traditional media plan does)
  • Accounts for taking the consumer past the point of the desired transaction such that we deliver not just leads and customers, but ambassadors for your brand
  • Inspires sharing

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