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It's no longer about the why. Most marketers know baby boomers and seniors are the most powerful consumer group, both online and off.

Now it's all about the how.

The how starts with an understanding that mature adults aren't aliens. They're consumers who have simply entered a new season of life, resulting in a different mindset.

The how is about putting principles of human behavior first and technology second. Brands need to authentically connect with older consumers on a deeper level and with a clearer understanding of their motivations.

The how is throwing conventional marketing aside. Marketing to baby boomers and seniors requires a needs-based approach that is focused on establishing genuine relationships.

Our Services:

Mature Market Strategic Planning

So you need to target mature consumers online, but where do you start? Developing an online marketing strategic plan is as vital to the success of your marketing efforts as blueprints are to building a house. Without a strategic plan, you often end up with a variety of disparate parts that may or may not hold together, and in fact, may actually crumble around you.

At Immersion Active, we have over 15 years of experience helping our clients plan, build and execute cohesive, successful online marketing strategies.

Our strategic plans are customized for every client. As part of our services, we can:

  • Help you define success and how to measure it.
  • Conduct an online competitive analysis.
  • Assess the industry landscape online and identify areas of opportunity.
  • Define strategic principles to guide all of your online marketing efforts.
  • Develop audience personas.
  • Define and develop the detailed plan needed to execute your online strategy.
  • Calculate required budgets and ROI.
  • Evaluate potential partners and vendors to help you execute your plan.

As experts in influencing mature consumers, we know what it takes to build and execute successful online campaigns and we bring all of that expertise in order to help you create the most effective, most productive and most profitable online marketing strategies. Through our process of Meaningful Online Engagement (MOE), we consistently deliver above average results that have driven over $17 billion in revenue for our clients in the past 5 years. We're excited to help you build and execute your online marketing strategy for mature consumers. There's no better time to get started.

50+ Lead Acquisition Campaigns

Did you know that boomers and seniors are researching products and local services online in record numbers? Plus, the way they behave on a landing page or website is different than younger consumers. Making an immediate connection with the mature consumer is essential. Because they have seen it all before, it takes a different approach to earn the attention of a mature shopper and convert them to a qualified lead for your brand.

50+ Lead Acquisition campaigns provide effective customer acquisition among the most desired mature markets customers – those who are already seeking your product or service, and are ready to buy. Through Immersion Active's proprietary online marketing methodology, called "Meaningful Online Engagement" or "MOE," Immersion Active can achieve significantly better performance for your lead acquisition campaigns. "Meaningful Online Engagement" uses an ageless marketing approach to make stronger connections with older consumers without alienating younger age cohorts.

The result is better quality leads. A better source of leads produces a much better sales funnel and, of course, the opportunity for higher conversions and substantial business growth.

50+ Audience Acquisition Campaigns

Introducing a new product or service to the market has unique challenges. Often the pent up demand is there for consumers, but they don't associate their need with a particular provider. Sometimes, consumers don't even know that a solution for their needs is even available.

Audience acquisition turns your customers' unfamiliarity with your product or service into understanding and engagement. Audiences are acquired through search engine marketing, content marketing, advertising, behavioral targeting, and data analysis. It is the beginning of a relationship that is then nurtured through email and direct messaging to help your audience in processing a decision, and ultimately, to identify themselves as a ready prospect for your product or service.

50+ Audience Acquisition creates awareness for the mature consumer looking to gather information on a new product or service that will fit their current needs. This campaign approach builds an audience at the highest level of the sales funnel and then creates a connection between your brand and your prospect by providing information relevant to their need.

50+ Online Media Mix Strategy

Targeting mature consumers by age is not enough, there is no "corner of the internet where they are hiding" that marketers can magically shine a light upon. Baby Boomers are 77 million individuals experiencing more significant life events, simultaneously, than any other generation.

The answer to effectively crafting your media campaign to reach boomers and seniors online is dependent upon building an overall campaign strategy that focuses not only on where boomers are online, but what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how to influence their actions.

Immersion Active's 50+ Online Media Mix Strategy gives you a tool to select the best media mix and placements for your campaign. Our media planning process dives into your campaign objectives to determine your desired audience, what assets you have to work with, and more. Through an insightful process to better understand your data, we can highlight the characteristics that stand out and identify your best customer's characteristics, the best model for achieving your business objectives, and the online advertising channels where you can best gain more of your desired audience.

With your completed 50+ Online Media Mix Strategy report in hand, you will be able to either execute your media plan internally or proceed with a 50+ Media Buying and Optimization program with Immersion Active. You will also know that your marketing investment will be given every advantage to generate a positive return.

50+ Media Planning & Management

We hear from companies all the time that need to reach mature consumers and have realized the problem is not as simple as targeting ads to an age demographic. The need is more complex: how can you reach 1) Boomer and senior consumers for your business, 2) where they are, and 3) when they are looking?

Immersion Active's 50+ Media Planning & Management offers businesses and organizations a comprehensive solution for reaching the mature consumers in the right time and place. The service also creates a feedback loop for validation and optimization of your media investment. The smartest way to manage media is to test numerous placements and let the market tell you what works. Nothing affirms strategy like a conversion.

Immersion Active understands the unique challenges associated with managing your reach. Media planning and management for the mature markets will help you reach the Web's most valuable consumers where they are and when they are ready to buy.

Rapid Testing & Optimization

Are you seeking to make the most of your current online marketing campaigns targeting boomers and seniors? Even when campaigns are created using best practices, there are opportunities for improvement. But how can you know what changes help? And how can you avoid making changes that actually hurt performance? The answer is to let the data speak for itself. Rapid Testing & Optimization lets your actual campaign performance data drive improvements to profitably engage mature consumers online.

This program provides both qualitative and quantitative insights into your site or campaign performance. It will help you realize the full power of your marketing dollars through faster knowledge of market trends and awareness of performance spikes.  Decisions are made based on the data we collect and our consumer expertise to yield significant improvements in the performance of your campaign.

Immersion Active's campaign metrics allow us to optimize and get more efficient performance from a media investment. We build on your campaign and make it smarter, improving results throughout the life of your campaign.

Email Lead Nurturing

A major challenge for marketers using email is understanding how to engage older adults with highly relevant content and facilitate their move into the sales funnel. In order to keep your funnel full, you must find a consistent and creative to stay in touch with potential customers while building credibility and trust. Mature consumers use email more than any other form of online activity, they rely on it heavily as an essential tool for their daily communications

73% of inbound leads are not ready to buy, prospects don't care about the features of your product until they learn more about what it can do for them.

Email Lead Nurturing Campaigns with Immersion Active are designed to assist mature consumers in the decision making process by enabling brands to establish contact with leads and stay top of mind. Email Lead Nurturing keeps your audience better engaged with proper frequency and a strategic mix of relevant content and thought leadership to educate your prospects about your brand.

Speaking Engagements: Keynotes, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences

David Weigelt and Jonathan Boehman, the leading authorities on marketing to mature consumers online, are the founders and partners of Immersion Active and regularly speak at a variety of conferences, workshops, media events, and community outreach programs. Topics are tailored to their audience and help brands position themselves to meaningfully engage boomers and seniors online; producing results reflective of the Web's most influential, largest, wealthiest, and yet the most often underserved consumer group.

As industry experts on engaging boomers and seniors online, David Weigelt, Jonathan Boehman and their team have created an effective approach to building integrated campaigns that connect with older consumers on a meaningful level. David and Jonathan have presented to audiences across the United States, in Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, the UK and the Netherlands. Their approach to marketing has been described as "eye opening" and "transformative." Learn more...

Please contact us to discuss your efforts to reach the mature markets online.

David Wegelt on Meaningful Online Engagement

Positioning your brand to meaningfully engage baby boomers online is key to producing results reflective of this influential consumer group.

David Weigelt
Author of Dot Boom: Marketing to Baby Boomers through Meaningful Online Engagement

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