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We understand that our focus on the 50-plus markets is unique.

We also know that Internet marketing strategies targeting baby boomers and seniors are somewhat unorthodox. Below are the answers to some questions that we think you might want to consider.

Why would I want to use a separate agency to target one demographic?

The longer answer: Baby boomers represent an unusually large generation that has always been unique and is now entering a new life stage (a mix that we have not experienced in modern history). The strategies necessary to engage them are equally unique and include aspects of messaging, usability, and targeting.

The short answer: the mature markets are an Internet marketer's best opportunity to realize significant increases in online performance.

So there are a lot of baby boomers online, why are they worth more than a young audience online?

They have more money to spend, they increasingly have more time to spend it, and they have the most reasons (i.e. at this time, they are experiencing the most concurrent "life events" of any generation). This makes for the perfect storm (as found by this Nielsen research on why baby boomers are "pivot spenders").

If I target older adults, don't I risk disenfranchising younger audiences?

The U.S. still suffers from a culture of ageism. (Although the very generation that created this culture is slowly starting to turn it around.) With over 90 million baby boomers and seniors, representing the lion's share of U.S. spending, it is simply more risky now to continue to alienate these groups over a younger audience.

Why do you describe your services as targeting adults "50-plus" when baby boomers are, in fact, as young as age 48?

"50-plus" is how most marketers think of anyone who isn't "young" and happens to be the term that is most searched for this market. The reality is that we cater to the preferences of both leading- and trailing-edge boomers.


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