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One of Dot Boom's recurring themes has to do with marketers helping the consumer (especially boomers) process their lives. In this example from the book, we point out how Kashi Foods does a good job of "living the brand" when it comes to their "7 whole grains on a mission".

From Page 48

Living the Brand
It's important to note here that a company's professed persona and perceived persona are often vastly different. In other words, the marketing messages companies put forth may vary greatly from how their consumers actually view their brand. Companies whose professed and perceived personas do not match are at serious risk. However, the situation is even more threatening if you are trying to leverage that persona to connect with a consumer and show them how that brand can meet their Relationship needs.

Rather, marketing messages that appeal to a person's Relationship values need to facilitate a relationship between the consumer and the product or brand. Corporate personas need to be congruent in the marketplace and within the company. "Having a great tagline does not a great brand make," Wolfe states in Ageless Marketing. "However, taglines often indicate something about a company's corporate persona - its public face. Ideally... a company's real self and its social self are in harmony. It's called 'living the brand.'"

Take a look, for example, at Kashi foods, which has a tag line of "7 whole grains on a mission." Its website is all about providing a place where people can not only find information about Kashi products, but, more important, find and share information about healthier living, even going as far to sponsor a "Day of Change" event. The company provides tools to help people make healthier choices, not just purchase its products. These tools show Kashi's investment in bettering the lives of its consumers, thus establishing a relationship with them to live happier and healthier lives.

» Launch Kashi's "Day of Change Website"

» Launch Kashi's "Wellness Hub"

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